Term Definition
el autobus the bus
la bicicleta the bicycle
el carro the car
el coche the car
caminar to walk
pasear to go on a stroll
ir a pie to go by foot
el metro the subway
la motocicleta the motorcycle
el taxi the taxi
el tren the train
el camion the truck
la camioneta the SUV
la avenida the avenue
el bulevar the boulevard
la calle the street
la cuadra the block
la esquina the corner
esta is
estan are
queda is located
quedan are located
a la derecha de to the right of
a la izquierda de to the left of
cruzar to cross
derecho straight
detras de behind
doblar to turn
enfrente de in front of/ across from
entre between
lejos de far away from
venir a to come to /coming to
venir de to come from / coming from
?Donde queda tu casa? Where is your house located?
?Donde esta la escuela? Where is the school?
?Vives lejos o cerca de la escuela? Do you live far away from or near the school?
?Come vienes a la escuela? How do you come to school?
?Que transporte usas? What modes of transportation do you use?
?Como vas al centro comercial? How do you go to the mall?
?Que hay cerca de tu casa? What is there near your house?
al lado de next to
cerca de near/ close to
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