Unit 5 Chemical Equations and Reactions

chemical equationa way to describe a chemical reaction using chemical formulas and other symbols
reactantsA starting material in a chemical reaction
productsEnding materials in a chemical reaction.

single replacementA +BC > B + AC
double replacementAB+CD>CB+AD
single displacementA + BC > AC + B
combustionshydrocarbon + O2 (g) —> CO2 (g) + H2O (g)
limiting reactantA reactant that is totally consumed during a chemical reaction, limits the extent of the reaction, and determines the amount of product.
excess reactantThe substance that is not used up completely in a reaction
stoichiometryThe branch of chemistry that deals with the measurement of the quantities of reactants and products of a chemical reaction is called stoichiometry.
mole-mole ratioa conversion factor that relates the amounts in moles of any two substances involved in a chemical reaction
molar massthe mass of one mole of a pure substance
percent yield(Actual Yield/Theoretical Yield) x 100%
theoretical yeildIn a chemical reaction, the maximum amount of product that can be produced from

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a given amount of reactant.
actual yeildthe amount of product that actually forms when the reation is carried out in the labratory
experimental yeildThe amount of product produced form an experiment
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