Unit 3: Social Responsibility and Ethics in Marketing

Marketing and marketing activities impact businesses by:
Helping make decisions about what to sell and how to sell.
Of all the jobs in the united states approximately ___ of those jobs are marketing jobs
Marketing benefits society by:
Creating new and better products.
Marketing helps people by:
Providing more locations, large selection, more forms of payment
Which of the following countries has the fastest growing major economy in the world?
Video Question: What is the number one, fastest growing American resturaunt in China?
Which of the following is not a common complaint about marketing?
It improves the standard of living.
The average cost of all marketing activities is about ___ of the products cost.
Reusable bags are designed to reduce the use of plastic bags. This is most closely related to
Green Marketing
This is a method of harvesting or using a resourse so that the resource is no depleted.
The Energy Star labor now appears on 11,000 items. Which marketing strategy can this be?
Green Marketing
This term refers to the duty of a business to contribute to the well being of a society
Social Responsibility
McDonald’s sponsors the Ronald McDonald house. This is an example of
Green marketing
This company donates 7.5% of their pretax profits to charity:
Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
This famous actor created a line of food products designed to support charities.
Paul Newman
Unselfishly helping others and actively improving the well being of other people
What is the primary benefit to businesses that practice
social responsibility?
Recognition in the community and creating goodwill
What will not happen when a business fails to practice social responsibility?
Greater awareness of the company which will increase the sales
The concern that we have about the consequences of our actions on others
Social responsibility
The organized actions of consumers seeking to increase their influence on business practices:
The Consumer Bill of Rights was established in 1960 by:
John F. Kennedy
The father of consumerism:
Ralph Nader
The organized effort to influence a company by refusing to purchase its products;
Her actions led to the Montgomery bus boycott.
Rosa Parks
This Act of congress sought to increase competition by preventing and/or regulating monopolies.
Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890
This act prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities.
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
The federal agency inspects food and drug facilities to ensure that we receive safe products.
The Food and Drug administration
An employee that speaks out to the media on malpractice, misconduct, or corruption.
Whistle blower
This is a Federal agency responsible for overseeing the safety of consumer products.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission
The agency responsible for protecting human health by safeguarding the natural environment
The Environmental protection Agency
What federal law was used to break up John d. Rockwell’s standard oil company?
Sherman anti trust act of 1890
These are the moral principles or values based on honesty and fairness:
This is a set of standards or rules that guide business behavior in a positive direction:
Code of ethics
A local business man serves as an unpaid announcer for AHS Football games. This behavior is:
Social Responsibility
Fraudulent investment operations that pay returns from their own money or money from new Inve.
Ponzi scheme
This person was ingaged in an illegal ponzi scheme and was sentenced to 150 years in prison
Bernie Madoff
Social problems
Should be addressed by marketing
Marketing benefits society by offering consumers safer products and ones that reduce pollution
Average cost of all marketing activities is about 90% of the price of products.
Marketing can be used to encourage people to buy things that they really don’t need.
Marketing has never been used to help solve serious social or enviremental issues
Marketing improves the standard of living by providing higher paying jobs.
Today there is a greater expectation for businesses to be socially responsible.
The better Business Bureau is a business protection organization sponsered by consumers
Green marketing activities satisfy customers needs without negatively impacting the environment
It is always easy to agree whether an activity is ethical or unethical
The consumer cote means you do not spend your money on a product if you do not need/want it

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