Unit 3 Section C Vocabulary Flashcard

a molecule composed of very large numbers of identical repeating units
a compound whose molecules can react to form the repeating units of a polymer
any organic compound produced from petroleum or natural gas
double covalent bond
a bond in which four electrons are shared between two adjacent atoms
addition reaction
a reaction at the double or triple bond within an organic molecule
addition polymer
a polymer formed by repeated addition reactions at double or triple bonds within monomer units
branched polymer
a polymer formed by reactions that create numerous side chains rather than linear chains
cross linking
polymer chains interconnected by chemical bonds; causes polymer rigidity
saturated hydrocarbon
a hydrocarbon consisting of molecules in which each carbon atom is bonded to four other atoms
a hydrocarbon containing one or more double covalent bonds
unsaturated hydrocarbon
a hydrocarbon molecule containing one or more double or triple bonds
substituted alkenes
alkene molecules that contain, in addition to carbon and hydrogen atoms, one or more atoms of other elements, such as oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, or sulfur
a hydrocarbon containing one or more triple covalent bonds
a molecule composed of two monomers
a saturated hydrocarbon containing carbon atoms joined in a ring
aromatic ompound
a ringlike compound, such as benzene, that can be represented as having alternating double and single bonds between carbon atoms
a non aromatic organic compound containing one or more (-OH) groups
functional group
an atom or a group of atoms that imparts characteristic properties to an organic compound
carboxylic acid
an organic compound containing the -COOH group
an organic compound containing the -COOR group where R represents any stable arrangement of bonded carbon and hydrogen atoms
condensation reaction
the chemical combination of two organic molecules, accompanied by the loss of water or other small molecule
condensation polymer
a polymer formed by repeated condensation reactions of one or more monomers

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