Unit 3 – Chemistry Flashcard

When an atom is covalently bonded it’s relative ability to attract a bonding pair of electrons
Capable of acting like either an acid or a base
General reactivity and oxidizing ability of the halogens
.their ozidizing ability is very strong with group 1..
.Reactivity is strong with group 7
Melting point trends
.group 1A increase going up
.group 7A increase as you go down
Atomic radius trends
.radius decreases as atomic number increases left to right
.increases going down
ionization trends
.going up you have less electron shielding/held tightly to gether
.going left to right you have more I.E because you have a greater nuclear charge
reactivity trends
.decreases going down in Group 1A
.increases going up in Group 7A
Electronegativity trends
.decreases going down
.increases going left to right
ionic radii trends
.increases going left to right
.decreases going down
atomic number
.simply equal to the number of protons in the nucleus of the atom
mass number
equal to the number of protns and neutrons in the nucleus of the atom
atoms of the same element but a different number of neutrons
Wavelength and frequency of the colors of the ROYGBIV
wave length increases, frequency decreases

A- The subastance is first turned into a vapor phase

B- These particles are turned into positive ions (ionization)

C- Particles are accelerated (acceleration)

D- Pariticles are deflected (deflection). The lighter the particle, the greater the defection. The lifhter particle will get thrown farter by magnetic field

E- Particles of a particular mass, which can be adjusted will be detected (detection). one particular isotope can detect

F- the body of the instrument must be maintained a t a high vacuum by a pump

1st Quantum Number
.energy level
.approx distance from nuleus
2nd Quantum Number
. ?
.energ subleve
.shap of orbital
3rd Quantum number
.m ?
.identifies axis orientation and orgital (x,y,z)
4th Quantum Number
.m ?
.tells direction of spin(up or down)
. up= 1/2
. down= -1/2

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