Unit 2 Section B Flashcard

The ability of the metal to combine chemically with oxygen in the atmosphere
Which of these factors are the least important when deciding whether to mine a specific ore over another
Metals can be obtained profitably from low concentration ores
Electrons are lost by the atom
What happens to thhe electrons of a metal atom during oxidation
Which part of the planet contains N2 O2 Ne and Ar
The division of the Earth’s interior that is the source of the Earth’s magnetic field
Which part of our planet is the major supply house for the raw materials of manufacturing
When an atom loses electrons the atom undergoes ___________
Which type of mining is considered the most dangerous
Using redox reactions that occur in aqueous solutions to refine metal ions to metal atoms
Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals
Which two familes of elements on the periodic table contain the most active metals
Ability to be hammered
What is the definition of malleable
Reduction is the process where atoms ____ electrons
Mineral resources are uniformly distributed throughout the earth
Which element is found uncombined in nature because it resists oxidation
Which subatomic particles are lost by an atom of zinc when it is oxidized
The division of the earth’s interior that contains rocks made up of oxygen, silicon, and magnesium
The waste after processing mined ore that is full of impurities such as cyanide, mercury and sulfuric acid
Reusing a metallic article
Which of the following processes requires the least amount of energy
A metal is usually obtained from its ore by a process
The reactants
Substances that exist before a chemical reaction takes place
Uses an electrical current to supply electrons to metal ions therefore reducing them
Ability to be made into thin wires
Definition of ductile
Activity Series
Ranking metals in relative order of there chemical relativities is called an ________ ______
What does aq stand for
What does s stand for
Pollution, mines can get caved in, and you can suffocate and die, metal poisoning
List 3 environmental effects for the mining, exploration and extraction of mineral resources

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