Term Definition
Persian Wars Conflicts between Greece and Persia.
Battle of Marathon Battle during the Persian Wars when Persia invaded Greece.
Battle of Thermopylae Battle during the Persian Wars in which Spartan troops fought to the death against a much larger Persian force.
Delian League Alliance of city-states in ancient Greece, with Athens as a leader.
Acropolis A high hilltop that marked the center of ancient Greece.
Peloponnesian war War between Sparta and Athens that broke out 431 BC and lasted for 27 years.
Hellenistic Culture "Greek-like” way of life that combined ideas and values drawn from the Mediterranean and Asia.
Phillip II of Macedonia Leader from Macedonia, conquered Greece after the city-state were weakened from the Peloponnesian War.
Alexander the Great Leader from Macedonia, his father conquered Greece, he brought Persia and most of Asia and Europe under his rule, spread Hellenistic (Greek-like) culture.
Pericles Great elected leader in Athens, democracy was the strongest under his leadership.
Alexandria The city in Egypt that was the center of Hellenistic culture.
Civil War A war breaking out among those living in the same country

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