unit 1 vocab.

Question Answer
A book of maps Atlas
Height above sea level elevations
Climate or weather patterns in a specific place Climograph
A map that shows people-made boundaries political map
Latitude west and east
Pie-shaped graph. Shows "whole" divided Circle Graph
Study of the earth and everything on it Geography
A graphic way of presenting info in a organized way. Chart
A guide to the symbols on a map. mapkey
A graph that compares info Bar Graph
A small symbol that shows direction on a map. Compass Rose
A map that shows an ares's elevation Physical Map
The exact position of a place on Earth Absoulute location
The main line of latitude The Equator
How far and in what direction one place is to another. Relative Location
Average number of people per sq. mile population density
Latuide/ longtude lines cross each toher grid system
relationship between the distance in real life and on a map map scale
Average weather pattern of an area climate
the study of earths surface features… topography
a map that shows an area's resources/ products reasourse map
a ball- shaped map of the earth globe
a map showing what an area's land is used for land use map
a half of the earth hemisphere
North, South, East, West Cardinal direction
Longitude North to South
Laitude line 66 1/2 degrees South Anartic circle
Latitude line 66 1/2 degrees North Artic circle
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