Unit 05_Grammar for Fluency_Suffix “-an” – “what is (base)-ed”

Tulisan tentang ekonomi Indonesia ini menarik sekali.
(a writing, article)
This article on the economy in Indonesia is very interesting.
Guru saya memberi 2 bacaan pendek untuk pekerjaan rumah.
(reading article)
My teacher gave me 2 short reading articles for homework.
Saya suka sekali makanan Indonesia walaupun pedas.
I like Indonesian food very much although they are spicy.

Minuman yang terkenal di rumah makan itu adalah bir Bintang.
(a drink)
The most famous drink in that restaurant is Bintang beer.
Pakaian tradisional di Jawa adalah batik.
(cloth, clothing)
The traditional clothing is Java is batik.
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