Union Pacific Railroad rules

What documents must the crew review before they begin their work and what documents must they have?
Systems special instruction area, timetables, subdivision general orders, rule books, and instructions for handeling hazards materials

The crew walks out to the engine. They both have backpack type grips. Can they board the engine while wearing their bags?
Yes, but must maintain 3 point contace and balance

Engineer Owns notices that the locomotive has a blue flag attached. When can he start the locomotive or release the handbreak? What is the risk of releasing the hand brake before the air system is charged?
Starting engine is prohibited and releasing breaks are prohibited

To ensure that no one has tapered with safety decives on the engine, what is engineer Owens inspectivg for while taking charge of the controlling locomotive?
Safety devices–alerters, cab signal, train train control and stop devices

The LBR54-09 has a work order to deliver an empty flat car to Osage Wind. The car they need is buried in track South 2 in the bowl. The crew comes out of the locomotive servicing track and moves westward towards the RCL Zone. After beginning the move, how does Engineer Owens verify that the locomotive brakes are operative?
1-3 mph allows the engine with throttle in idle to check the brake and defects do not restrict the locomotive movement

Before they enter the the RCL Zone, what communication must take place?
Employees not part of the remote crew must determine whether the zone is active

They determine the RCL zone is not active4. What is their authority to occupy the main track at the west of end of Arkansas Yard?
Obtain track warrent….?7

Before they occupy this main track, do they have to check for Track Breach Protection?
Track …?8

Will a five minute wait be requird before entering the main track at Arkansas? When is a five minute wait required before entering the main track?
In RBS, when authorized to enter signal track, crew members on suited …..?9

After having the engine pull over the switch, Conductor Clark climbs on the rear locomotive. Can he give hand signs as they shove back to the south lead?
Employees much be in position provided…?10

Conductor Clark needs to line multiple switches to get to the South 2 track. What risks must he consider before lining switches?
Must not allow movement to…?12

Can Conductor Clark leave the derail on the south lead in the non-derailing position while switching in the bowl tracks? The switching will take about 20 minutes.
No, derail must be in derailing position

South 2 track is in the bowl at Arkansas Yard. Will additional protection be required before the crew can perform work within the bowl?

Clark climbs back aboard the rear of the locomotive and gives a back up sign. Describe a back up sign.
swing slowlin in circle at a right angle to the track

After going over the switch, Owens loses sight of Clark. How does this affect their movement?
Movement must be stopped

What is the maximum speed that they can make a coupling?

At impact, the pin dropped and the momentum of the coupling stretched the joint. Given that the joint is now proven, as it tugged the engine, is it required that Owens change direction to check the joint?
Yes, stretch the back to ensure that all coupling are made

The second car in the track is the one they want. In their job briefing they decide to make a cut and set the flat car over on the lead; then kick the first car back into track 2. Before performing the work does Clark need to establish the “Red Zone” before making thge cut?

After making the cut and pulling over the lead switch, they use hand signs to shove up the lead. Can Clark walk ahead of the cut while making the shove?

The flat car had to be moved 200 feet to be set over to the lead in order to kick the other car back into the track. How must the flat car be secured? What if the crew set out 5 cars on the lead that were charged and placed into emergency after seperation?
Car must be secured with hand breaks to prevent movement and a secure movement must be made

The head car is a box with a “Radioactive #7” placard. It needs to go back into South 2. Can they kick this car?
No, it can not

With their one car train, what tests or inspections are needed to go over to Osage Wind?
Yard transfer test not exceeding prescribed speed

After another train passes their location, the crew enters the main and follows the westbound train. As they approach CP R098, they see a Red over Lunar signal. How should the train be operated by the signal?
Proceed at restricted speed

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