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Unemployment Rate in Philippines decreased to 6. 80 per centum in the 3rd one-fourth of 2012 from 7 per centum in the 2nd one-fourth of 2012. Unemployment Rate in Philippines is reported by the National Statistics Office ( NSO ) . Historically. from 1994 until 2012. Philippines Unemployment Rate averaged 9. 14 Percent making an all clip high of 13. 90 Percentage in March of 2000 and a record depression of 6. 30 Percentage in September of 2007. In Philippines. the unemployment rate measures the figure of people actively looking for a occupation as a per centum of the labour force. This page includes a chart with historical informations for Philippines Unemployment Rate.

Underemployment in the Philippines

Harmonizing to the last one-fourth study of the National Statistics Office ( NSO ) . the underemployment rate somewhat dipped to 19. 1 per centum in October 2011 from the 19. 6 per centum in October 2010. National Economic Development Authority ( NEDA ) Director-General Cayetano Paderanga. Jr. said this could be attributed to the higher quality of occupations generated in the different sectors last twelvemonth. For illustration. some occupations in call centres require technology or medical expertness and non merely call-and-answer accomplishments as many presume. Paderanga said. This twelvemonth. the concern procedure outsourcing ( BPO ) industry is expected to go on to be major occupation supplier in the state. At the same clip. the touristry sector will be given precedence as it can bring forth occupations that require assorted degree of accomplishments. Agro-industrial processing and other allied industries will be intensified. particularly for those life in the rural countries. so they will no longer hold to reassign to the metropoliss to look for occupations. he said. Paderanga said that in the old old ages. most of the available occupations targeted persons with higher instruction and accomplishments. This twelvemonth. they are be aftering to bring forth occupations that would necessitate lower accomplishments and preparation which will be offered throughout the state.

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority ( TESDA ) will besides work hand-in-hand with different authorities bureaus to carry on support and accomplishments developing. The degree of unemployment in the Philippines remained the same in July as a twelvemonth ago. harmonizing to the National Statistics Office ( NSO ) . Unemployed Filipinos numbered 2. 8 million in July. or a rate of 7 per centum. the consequences of the July 2012 Labor Force Survey showed. The NSO said the latest unemployment figure is about the same as the 7. 1 per centum reported in the same month last twelvemonth. It said the July idle rate was virtually unchanged from the 6. 9 per centum recorded in the old one-fourth. More than half. or 51. 2 per centum of unemployed Filipinos. were in 15-to-24 age group. which merely validates the trouble faced by fresh alumnuss looking for work. said Rene Ofreneo of the School of Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of the Philippines.

A 3rd. or 33. 3 per centum of the unemployed. were high school alumnuss. 13. 9 per centum were college undergraduates. and 19. 2 per centum were college alumnuss. “The form of the labour force did non alteration. A major alteration will go on if there will be a major structural alteration in the economic system like an industrial transmutation and an agricultural modernisation. ” Ofreneo said. Metro Manila ( National Capital Region ) posted the highest unemployment rate at 9. 9 per centum while Cagayan Valley registered the lowest unemployment rate at 3. 2 per centum. An estimated 37. 6 million Filipinos were employed in July. against the 37. 1 million recorded in the same month last twelvemonth. But the figure of Filipinos with occupations in July was fewer than the 37. 8 million in April. Emmanuel F. Esguerra. deputy manager general of the National Economic and Development Authority ( Neda ) . said the quality of employment deteriorated in the face of the higher underemployment rate of 22. 7 per centum in July. against 19 per centum in the same month last twelvemonth.

The figure of underemployed individuals in July 2012 was 8. 54 million. against 7. 1 million in the same month last twelvemonth. or an addition of 1. 45 million underemployed individuals. Employed individuals who expressed the desire to hold extra hours of work in their present occupation or to hold an extra occupation. or to hold a new occupation with longer working hours. are considered underemployed. Most of the underemployed were working in the services sector ( 42. 5 per centum ) and the agribusiness sector ( 41. 5 per centum ) . The underemployed in the industry sector accounted for 16 per centum.

“The high underemployment rate can be partially attributed to the majority of the new labour force entrants. those aged 15 to 24 old ages old. who may be employed as casuals and having less than their reserve pay. owing to their deficiency of accomplishments or rawness. ” Esguerra said. “Moreover. the higher underemployment rate suggests that workers are non gaining adequate which makes them look for more work. ” he added. The Department of Labor and Employment said it was “seriously concerned” about the steady growing of the underemployed. Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said the addition occurred mostly among pay and salary workers in private constitutions where most of the employment enlargement during the one-fourth materialized.

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