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Analyzing the possible causes and marks of self-destructive behaviour, is suicide a fleeting oversight of concluding or a mental unwellness? The World Health Organization ( 2010 ) reports a reeling one million people commit suicide annually. “ Suicide is the fatal result of a long-run procedure ” ( Aparajita & A ; Bano, 2009, Para. 1 ) , Shaped by a figure of interacting cultural, societal, situational, psychological, and biological factors. Aparajita & A ; Bono ( 2009 ) besides states that it is preceded by old ages of self-destructive behaviour or feelings, programs, warnings and in half of all self-destructions, a old effort is found in the individual ‘s history, which offers, in theory, an chance for suicide intercession.

Possible Influences on Suicidal Behavior


Some psychologists such as Emile Durkheim ( 1897 ) believe that the cultural background of self-destruction is a profound construction inherited over the coevalss. Culture defines basic attitudes towards life and decease and towards suicide in society. The addition in the incidence of self-destruction is attributed to an intensified egocentric and societal instability caused by eroding of criterions and values every bit good as the disappearing of altruism in the modern societies ( Aparajita & A ; Bano, 2009 ) . This eroding may stem from the attitudes of those within the civilization. The criterions and attitudes may differ by certain factors. In some civilizations, preponderantly in industrialised states, such as the United States and Canada, self-destruction is considered masculine, and baronial for a male, and an deviant act for adult females ( Aparajita & A ; Bano, 2009 ) .

Mental Illness

Harmonizing to the National Institute of Mental Health ( n.d. ) , Peoples with psychological upsets are at great hazard of self-destruction. The National Institute of Mental Health ( n.d. ) besides found that 1000 people who commit suicide each twelvemonth have had some contact with the mental wellness services in the twelvemonth before decease. The strongest forecaster of self-destruction is psychiatric unwellness ; more than 90 per centum of people who commit suicide have diagnosable psychiatric unwellnesss at the clip of decease ( NIMH, n.d. ) .These psychological unwellnesss include depression, bipolar, schizophrenic disorder and anxiousness.

Alcohol Dependences

Robert Anthenelli, associate professor of psychopathology ( 2002 ) provinces, “ Alcoholics have a much higher rate of decease by self-destruction than do members of the general population. ” Those alkies with a history of self-destruction efforts appear to hold a significantly more terrible class of intoxicant dependance. They besides had a higher prevalence of both independent and substance-induced psychiatric upsets, every bit good as other substance dependance ( Anthenelli, 2002 ) .


Surveies have suggested there is an association between injury exposure and self-destructive behaviour. A survey conducted by the American Journal of Psychology ( 1991 ) suggests that there are dealingss between childhood injury and suicide. “ Serious injury from childhood, such as maltreatment ( mental or physical ) and neglect contribute to the induction of suicidal behaviour ” ( A J of Psychology, 1991 ) . Given the research sing injury, it is evident that childhood perturbation is a strong menace for developing depression in maturity. Predominantly in each instance of depression, assorted experiences of kid maltreatment is acknowledged ( A J of Psychology, 1991 ) .

The Cues of Suicidal Behaviors


Research conducted by The New York Time Health ( n.d. ) states that, “ Suicidal behaviours about ever occur in people with depression and Over 90 % of people who die by self-destruction were diagnosed with clinical depression. ” Casualties of self-destruction are tiresome with life and seek to get away. Many who make a self-destruction effort are seeking alleviation from bad ideas, feelings of rejection, loss, or solitariness ( NY Times, n.d. ) . If untreated, the bad feeling and ideas associated with depression could intensify into an unsuccessful effort that leads to other issues such as psychosis.


Self-destructive behaviour is tied to depressive behaviour every bit good. Self-mutilators have more relentless self-destruction ideation, which is characterized by chronic impulses to wound themselves ( A J of Psychiatric, 2001 ) . Self-mutilators perceived their self-destruction efforts as less unsafe, with a greater opportunity of deliverance and “ with less certainty of decease are more down, dying, and unprompted behaviour and they take excessively lightly the human death of their self-destruction efforts ” ( A J of Psychiatric, 2001 ) .

Drug Abuse

Anthenelli ‘s ( 2002 ) research suggests that alkies have a higher rate of trying self-destruction. While the National Institute on Drug Abuse ( 2003 ) , a Government supported research bureau studies, “ depressive symptoms, drug usage, substance usage upsets and old self-destructive behaviour as forecasters of self-destruction efforts. ” They besides reported Persons, whom abuse drugs and effort self-destruction, show a greater strength of foolhardy attempts in contrast to persons whom do non mistreat drugs. Given the range, it is evident that alkies and drug maltreaters opportunities of self-destruction are at an equal degree of ideation.

Morbid Speech

The Help Guide Organization ( n.d. ) Identifies morbid address such as “ I wish I had n’t been born, ” as one of the taking indexs of depressive self-destructive behaviour and stresses that it is a despairing call for aid and should be taken earnestly. Morbid address does non merely affect verbal words of harming oneself ; it may affect the single maintaining a diary of their self-destructive feelings ( Help Guide Organization, n.d. ) .

Dangers of Suicidal Behavior

Domestic Violence

David Kerr ( 2010 ) , an helper professor of psychological science, Suggest that people posses from birth a sense against self-infliction, and premature abrasion of that sense through an act of self-harm condenses the timidness in resistance to bring downing injury onto others. Research suggests that self-destructive stripling immature work forces are more prone to go opprobrious. A survey by Oregon State University ( 2010 ) found that 58 per centum of the adolescent work forces who attempted self-destruction in clip inflicted force on a spouse or household member.

Preventive Measures

Drugs & A ; Alcohol

The NY Times Health ( n.d. ) identifies the turning away of intoxicant, narcotics and sedatives that a doctor did non order. The usage of illegal drugs will non do in forestalling self-destructive ideas or efforts. These substances affect the encephalon and can farther strive depression and increase the opportunities of a suicide effort ( NY Times Health, n.d. ) .

Mental Health Intervention

Many persons sing suicide voice their ideas before originating the act. Supplying a sensitive and unautocratic ear is frequently the redress to forestalling the individual from originating the ideating of self-destruction ( NY Times Health, n.d. ) . For this ground self-destruction, bar centres have telephone “ hotline ” services where the self-destructive person can have aid. It is non wise to go forth the single entirely as they are non in a stable psychological province and go forthing them may ensue in completed self-destruction ( NIMH, n.d. ) .

Cognitive Therapy

The National Institute of Mental Health ( n.d. ) reports that a type of psychotherapeutics called cognitive therapy “ reduced the rate of repeated self-destruction efforts by 50 per centum during a twelvemonth of followup. ” Cognitive Therapy is a dialectical behaviour psychotherapeutics that lessening effort of self-destruction by helping the self-destruction triers to see alternate actions when ideas of self-harm arise.

Is suicide a fleeting oversight of concluding or a mental unwellness? Harmonizing to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ( 2010 ) , “ at least 90 per centum of all people who commit suicide suffer from depression, alcohol addiction, or a combination of mental disorders. “ Given the aforesaid research and surveies, it is perceptible that mental unwellnesss are to fault for self-destructive ideation and efforts ; the rendition of depression being the root of each cue indentifying self-destructive behaviour. The complexness self-destructive persons comprehending a declaration to their suffered issues is due in portion to falsify ideas that are a consequence of depression and other psychological upsets ( Help Guide Organization, n.d ) .

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