Understanding The Glass Ceiling Sociology

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Glass Ceiling is the term used to depict racial and sex favoritism in organisations ( Sullivan & A ; Sheffrin, 2003 ) . This favoritism is termed as Glass Ceiling because the restriction of calling promotion is non evident. From the really beginning, the Government of United States tried its degree best to take favoritism from the American Society. Congress had passed several amendments like 13th amendment, 14th amendment and 15th amendment to give equal rights and forbid racial favoritism.

Employeri??s favoritism:

Employers sometimes may hold trouble accepting new female functions. Male employers, every bit good as male equals, may comprehend adult females as a new signifier of competition for the places on the progressively narrow occupation pyramid. Or at the other extreme, fanatic foremans may advance adult females to responsible places before supplying them with equal preparation and background, a process likely to scurry a womani??s opportunities of success in direction.

Some male foremans do non see it necessary to supply extended preparation to female directors before advancing them ; they normally think that adult females are impermanent make fulling this place. Some people feel that a adult female who desires to hold equal chances is offering a struggle in functions. Possibly there is a function struggle ; values, nevertheless, have been altering quickly. Peoples have to accept that adult females are as capable of making any occupation as work forces.

A related hot issue in recent twelvemonth has been that of comparable worth, which is defined as the statement that asserts that adult females should be paid every bit much as work forces for executing undertakings in necessitating comparable accomplishments, developing duties, jeopardies, and attempt. The advocate of comparable worth want to cut down sex favoritism in employment by extinguishing the wage spread between female i??dominated businesss, such as simple school instruction, nursing and secretarial work, and most other occupations. Womans at present work in about all Fieldss but pay favoritism are an issue in every field for adult females worker. Whether adult female is a attorney who earns $ 373 per hebdomad or a secretary who earns $ 100 a hebdomad, they all are paid less than their male opposite numbers.

United Census Bureau conducted a study of 60, 000 families for United States Bureau of Labor statistics about the net incomes of adult females in 2002. Statistics has depicted that womeni??s net incomes has increased somewhat every bit compared to their net incomes in 2001. Survey consequences have shown that per hebdomad income of Women in 2002 is $ 530 per hebdomad as compared to $ 511 per hebdomad in 2001, while work forces earned $ 680 per hebdomad in 2002 as compared to $ 672 per hebdomad in 2001. Ratio of work forces and adult females gaining is 78 per centum in 2002 as compared to 76 per centum in 2001 ( US Department of Labor, 2002 ) . United States Census Bureau states that merely about 2 per centum of civil applied scientists, 13 per centum of doctors, and a light 4 per centum of tooth doctors are adult females. Less than 6 per centum of all members of boards of managers are female. Yet, 99 per centum of all secretaries are adult females ( McQueen, 1987 ) .

Why adult females are paid less?

Apart from all favoritism and bias there are some solid grounds besides for the wage difference between work forces and adult females. First, there are certain occupations which are either traditionally held by work forces or adult females. For illustration, harmonizing to a conference board survey, most domestic responsibilities remain womeni??s work, even in the families where both hubby and married woman work. The study revealed that the adult male of the house seldom cleans it and is even less likely to make the wash. In the kitchen, fewer than 30 per centum of all work forces wash the dishes often and merely 25 per centum cook on a regular footing.

Many adult females remain stuck in occupations with small authorization and comparatively low wage. Although the executive suite originally seemed within their appreciation, many adult females have found that barriers continue to maintain them from higher places. Merely 2 per centum of general director places were held by adult females, 15 of 599 pull offing managers at the five most outstanding investing Bankss were adult females. Among the top 250 industrial corporations, merely 1 had a adult female main fiscal officer ( Carol and Timothy, 1986 ) . Second, adult females neither have the equal working and occupation chances nor equal publicity, preparation and apprenticeship opportunities. These are the most of import grounds for gaining difference between work forces and adult females other than bias and favoritism.

Equal Pay Act:

Equal Pay act was passed in 1963, which requires employers i??to provide equal wage for well equal work regardless of sexi?? . In other words, harmonizing to the jurisprudence, a male secretary should non have a higher wage than a female one. Most people would likely hold with the purpose of the jurisprudence. Situation has non changed much due to Equal wage Act. It has been observed that the spread between net incomes of work forces and adult females remains the same in 90s as it was in 1955. At present a full clip workingwoman earns 77 cents hebdomadal as compared to 1 dollar weekly earned by work forces. This spread widens farther in instance of minority adult females.

Advantages of Equal wage:

There are several advantages of engrafting the Act of equal wage regardless of their sex, faith and cultural background. There are several advantages of utilizing equal wage for both male and female workers. Male workers excessively affected by wage favoritism. Harmonizing to the statistics, household net incomes have raised $ 4000 per twelvemonth on norm if both male and female workers earn at the same rate. Equal wage for male and female workers enhances the fiscal position of the household and lowers their poorness degree. Work force who work in adult females dominated company or making occupations, which are traditionally considered as women-work, are paid less. Equal wage act besides helps them to acquire better wage. Thus both male and female workers benefited if the favoritism of sex eliminated.

Womans directors:

Although effectual direction favours no gender but to be an effectual director a adult female has to work like a adult male. Woman directors confront some state of affairss and job that are alone to their sex. These jobs concern her subsidiaries, her equals and her ain foremans.

Males normally resent being held accountable to a adult female. In some instances, consciously or unconsciously, male subsidiaries try to short-circuit the authorization of female foreman. On the other manus, many female employees steadfastly believe that they prefer male directors over females. This attitude should non surprise anyone since male directors have been the lone type that existed. As a consequence, adult female who blindly accepts the occupation of manager- like their male counterpart- resent the presence of a female supervisor. Some female subsidiaries feel that it lowers their ain position to hold to take orders from another female.

Females and males have certain duties towards each other in any organisation. If ends are to be accomplished with minimal trouble. Some male directors feel that the adult female director expects particular intervention. The male director should be as supportive or critical of a adult female as of adult male. Regardless of sex, an of import managerial feature is courtesy, so they both have to accept the alteration.

Affirmative Action:

In order to diminish the cultural jobs and favoritism, authorities has implemented affirmatory action with the thought and hope that America would eventually go genuinely equal. The basic thought behind the Affirmative action was the usage of contrary favoritism to work out the jobs of favoritism. In affirmatory action minority groups are being given precedence over other to the full qualified workers.

Affirmative action can be traced back to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Title II and Title VII of civil Rights Act gave Injunctive Relief against Discrimination in Places of Public Administration and equal employment Opportunities to all, severally. The phrase i??Affirmative Actioni?? was foremost used in 1965 by President Lyndon Johnson in Executive order 11246. In 1967, the Executive order has been expanded to include affirmatory action to give the benefits to adult females besides.


Prejudice is fundamentally an internal phenomenon that entails the act of prejudging, or the devising of judgements based on deficient grounds. Harmonizing to most surveies, prejudice toward other human existences is non an inborn but a erudite response. As mainstream Americans have learned more about the similarities, every bit good as the differences, between male and female workers many of their frights and uncertainnesss have become allayed. Women must go on to fix themselves for the chances that are continually opening up for them.

Although bias and favoritism have non been to the full eradicated from the workplace, much advancement has been made in recent decennaries. Not merely have adult females by and large been satisfactory workers, but through increased exposure to adult females, other employees have besides found that much of their bias had been based upon ignorance and a deficiency of apprehension. Some perceivers feel that a more conservative national temper and specific Supreme Court opinions during the eightiess have caused some improvement in the country of equal employment chances. Historically, any society with big Numberss of people who feel alienated or oppressed has typically experienced force, turbulency and agitation.

We have to see that if we continue to distinguish people due to their colour, gender or nationality, so we have non achieved anything. We should now larn that, it is better to head into the hereafter, non with hatred towards others, but with love and self-respect.

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