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Free wifi, Just rebuilt with fountain. 1920’s grew vegetables.
Walk of Honor
Every UL graduate gets a brick. Starts with the first class of 1903. Moving towards the union
Martin hall.
Principles office of college. Here to help, not intimidate. Houses the presidents office. Registrars office, transcripts, scholarships communications and marketing. Has the big staircase.
Girard Hall
Psych building. Recently renovated. first academic building.
Statue of Dr. Stephens
in front of Girard. named after Dr. Stephens.
Moody hall
college of business. recently named Princeton review
F.G Mouton hall
New mouton also has college of business classes. Has a bunch of computer labs. print room on the first floor
Foster hall
Finical aid, admissions, veterans affairs, work study offices. first residence hall on campus.
Maxim Doucet hall
Education department and math. 97% passing of the praxis exam. last building built in the quad.
mouton hall
old mouton. many liberal arts classes. criminal justice, sociology, anthropology and political science. only building without an elevator. disability services will work with you.
Stephens hall
old library. IT, and computing services. computer labs and help desk.
physics building
Lee hall.
Academic success center. first floor. where you change your major. learning center on the second floor. if you are a junior division. must be with dean if if senior class man.
Saucier wellness center. – O.K. Allen hall
Student health services. open during university hours. OK allen is the counseling portion.
Green space near the union.
Being transformed into an opening for the swamp.
Little Hall
University police fully trained police officers. Patrol 24/7/365
home of University college. Student support services.
Rose garden
Freshman coed dorms(Corona, Bonin.)
All female. (Harris Hall)
Randolph has a kitchen and gym and study rooms for residents only.
Vermillion office.
McLaurin Gym
Dance department.
Family consumer science. Child and family studies. Restaurant hosted by hospitality management.
Angelle Hall.
School of music
Auditorium for concerts
music rooms (Piano, Band and chorus)
Baker hall & Huger hall
Sophomore and resident halls. houses athletes.
Olivier parking tower
Contains parking lot transit office. only for residents and staff.
Our lady of wisdom catholic church.
The only physically church on campus. has free wifi and campus grounds.
E.K Long gym
houses womens basketball and holly ball games. NOT A PARKING LOT.
Wharton hall.
College of nursing. Large bio classroom. Sim lab (Cry, pee, screen and talk.)
Burke-Hawthorne hall
Communications and theatre department. KRVS radio station. lab for broadcasting majors. All productions are free with ID
Judice- Rickles
Honors building. Computer lab for honor students.
Billed Hall
Biology department. 80% of pre-med majors get into their first choice med school.
James oliver hall
Department of computer science. ranked top 60 computer science programs in the country. has an animation lab. Made scenes for harry potter and avatar. Students with ID’s can get in after hours.
Fletcher hall
School of architecture. and design and visual arts. only building on campus not built out of red brick. recently renovated.
Beausoleil Green house.
Front of fletcher hall. solar home won the 2009 decathlon award.
Griffin hall
English and history classes.
Rougeau hall
Overflow engineering classes.
College of engineering
Legacy park
Apartments. usually for upper class-men
Cafe Flur des lis
Has quiznos has a store where students can buy items.
Girard park.
has a mile long track.
Cajun village.
Students that are married can live their or have children`
parker hall
houses the university housing department
ROTC complex.
used classrooms for the art department.
rex street.
Wear red avenue. Block parties
Montgomery Hal
Chemistry department.
Conference center
Student disability services. Student athlete advising.
Ragin cajun food court.
list places
bus stops
7-7 times for bus stops.
Bourgeois Hall
Kinesiology department.

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