types of marketing channels

direct channel
the producer and the ultimate consumer deal directly with each other
indirect channel
intermediaries are inserted between the producer and consumers and perform numerous channel functions
internet marketing channels
employ the internet to make products and services available for consumption or use by consumers or organizational buyers
direct marketing channels
allow consumers to buy products by interacting with various advertising media without a face-to-face meeting with a salesperson
multichannel marketing
the blending of different communication and delivery channels that are mutually reinforcing in attracting, retaining, and building relationships with consumers who shop and buy in traditional intermediaries and online
vertical marketing systems
professionally managed and centrally coordinated marketing channels designed to achieve channel economies and maximum marketing impact
corporate vertical marketing systems
combine successive stages of production and distribution under a single ownership
contractual vertical marketing systems
independent production and distribution firms integrate their efforts on a contractual basis to obtain greater functional economies and marketing impact than they could achieve alone
administered vertical marketing systems
achieve coordination at successive stages of production and distribution by the size and influence of one channel member rather than through ownership
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