Types of Guerrilla Marketing

An activity of the business of creating brand recognition without necessarily pushing its product
The campaign is very often carried out by finding a thing that can be clearly connected with the business and by communicating the thing instead of the business itself.
The principle lays in communicating the products to the target audience on daily basis in such a way that it raises the recognition continuously.
Keeping the product out there in the public eye
Wild Postings
An inexpensive form of advertising with high degree of gained exposure when postings are placed in large number on several places in order to attract maximum attention.
Posters are often adhered to construction site barricades, building facades, in alleyways, and on assorted buildings.
Undercover Marketing
Also known as a buzz marketing or Word-of-mouth marketing is a technique for creating buzz about the product and increasing the awareness and attraction to purchase the product
It creates an impression of being spontaneous and dominating in the scene.
The techniques are very often used on blogs that are actually provided by people financed by a company that is selling the particular product.
It connects the people to the product by experience. As the secondary resources indicate, the crucial element of the Experiential marketing is to let the target audience interact with the product which enables them to get to know the product before the potential purchase.
Indoor Signage
Work at point of purchase decision
Ex. Stuff in toilets
The viral marketing is basically any marketing technique that induces Web sites or users to pass on a marketing message to other sites or users, creating a potentially exponential growth in the message’s visibility and effect.
Viral marketing therefore creates the content to share and very often also functions or tools how to share the content easily.

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