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There are many kinds of cancer that are around us every day. There is Lung cancer caused from smoking, skin cancer caused by the sun and many other kinds of cancer. The one that I want to talk about is Throat cancer. You may say you have not heard of throat cancer before, that is because it has a couple of different names. I t can be called esophageal cancer, cancer of the pharynx and cancer of the throat. But before we talk about throat cancer I think we need to figure out what cancer in general is. Cancer is sometimes referred to as a single disease but in truth is many. It is a group of more than 100 diseases caused by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. Cancer can occur in any part of an animal or plant were cells grow and divide. Most normal cells reproduce by cell division until adulthood. Once the process slows down cells reproduce mainly to repair damaged cells. A cancerous cell grows and divides endlessly crowding nearby healthy cells and spreading to other parts of the body. It is still unknown why this happens. When there is a mass or

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collection of cells is called a malignant tumor.

Malignant tumors grow rapidly and invade and destroy nearby tissues. Cancers that stay in the spot that they developed are much easier to treat and cure than those that spread though out the body. Sometimes malignant tumors will invade a healthy cell to make it an abnormal cancer cell. This is called metastasis. This occurs when the cancer cells leave the tumor through the bloodstream or lymphatic system to other parts of the body. When the cells come to rest the multiply and form a new tumor. This spreading is what makes cancer especially dangerous. Cancers Metastasize is a very predictable way. Although cancer is mainly a disease that is for old people it can strike at any age. About 1,010,000 new causes are reported in the United States each year.

Many of the causes of the existing forms of cancer are still unknown; there are specific factors that are so often associated with cancer. These are considered to increase person’s chances to get the disease. Now that we are a little more comfortable with concept of cancer we can go on to throat cancer. When someone may think that they might have to disease they should check for the following symptoms that would go along with throat cancer: A harshness in the throat such as a sore throat that does not resolve in 1 to 2 weeks. A person with throat cancer may suffer from pain or the swelling The may be losing weight for no apparent reason Also a very serious symptom of cancer is profuse coughing and They may also be having trouble with breathing A person might not know if they should look for throat cancer symptoms. But studies show that there are certain risk factors when it comes to cancer.

The risk factors include: Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays Exposure to Radiation, x-ray , and radon The use of tobacco (or marijuana), and/or alcohol Use of certain medicines such as DES Exposure to polluted air and water Dietary factors such as a high fat diet, specific food preservatives, mostly Char-broiling and char-grilling meats Also the exposure to chemicals such as asbestos, benzene’s, VC, wood dust, some ingredients of cigarette smoke. Even though there are many risk factors for cancer there is still a lifestyle that will decrease the chances of getting cancer they are: Do not moke, use tobacco products or inhale second hand smoke Limit exposure to known carcinogens like asbestos, radon, and other Workplace chemicals as well as pesticides and herbicides Also limit your exposure to the suns ultraviolet rays, sun lamps, and Protect your skin from the suns UV rays with sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) and protective clothing like sun hats, long sleeves, Also just reducing stress.

Emotional stress can weaken the immune System that is needed to fight off stray cancer cells. So it is not like there is no way around the cancer because a person can make very causes decisions that can be the difference from having cancer and not having it. If a person gets diagnosed with throat cancer they still have a chance to get rid of the virus. The treatment of the cancer varies according to the stage of the disease, degree of malignancy, type of tumor, age, and general health of the patient. There are three main treatments for throat cancer, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. When many people think of the cure for cancer they think of surgery. Surgery is most often used especially if the tumor is localized. If the surgeon is able to remove the whole cancer from the body the person may, not defiantly, but may be completely cured. Also even if the cancer has metastasized, surgery can often stop the disease from spreading any further.

Another type of cure for cancer is Radiation. About 50 percent of the patients that receive radiation therapy, which is also, called radiotherapy, either alone or in conjunction with Chemotherapy. Radiation therapy may be applied to the person’s body by implanting a radioactive substance into the tumors or also by exposing the body to external sources of ionizing radiation. Radiation therapy involves a delicate balance because it damages not only the cancer cells but also the normal body cells. Treatments must therefore be times to produce the maximum effect while allowing the healthy tissue to repair the damage. The third major type of treatment for cancer is Chemotherapy. This process is often administered after the surgery for the cancer. In the present time there are over 50 drugs that aid the delay or stop of the growth of cancer.

Surgery and radiation therapy are most effective against the localized tumors, but chemotherapy works best for systemic cancers which are cancers that have spread to other parts of the body. Over a dozen of the cancers that used to fatal are now fully curable with the help of chemotherapy. Even though the chemotherapy effects the cancer cells it also effects normal cells, which is why it has so many side effects. Many develop severe nausea and vomiting, become very tired and lose their hair for a short while. Even though those are the three main treatments there are also experimental treatments too. The newest way to treat throat cancer is immunotherapy. This is finding ways to stimulate the body’s immune system to fight cancer in a way similar to the way it fights infections.

These methods use various vaccines; chemicals isolated form certain bacteria, and several types of biologic substances with inherent antitumor properties like interferon’s, interleukins, tumor necrosis factors, and various growth factors. Another experimental therapy is using hyperthermia to heat the temperature of the body or body part high enough to kill the cancer cells and not damage normal cells. It is usually used with radiation therapy. I hope that because of this report you are a little more aware of the dangers of throat cancer. And how you may see if you are a friend might have the disease.


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