Types of Advertising & Advertising Appeals

Institutional/Corporate Ads
Ad from the company to the consumer, advocating for the consumer to purchase from that company in general (Ex: Nike ads).
Trade Ads
Ad from the company to a retailer, advocating for the retailer to sell products from the company.
Retail Ads
Ad from the retailer to the consumer, advocating for the consumer to shop at their store (Ex: “Call of Duty 83” now on sale at Best Buy).
Promotional Retail Ads
Ad from the retailer to the consumer, advertising a particular event or sale.
Industrial Ads
Ad from an industry to the consumer, advocating for the purchase of a particular kind of product (Ex: Got milk? ads).
Why are industrial ads a thing?
Industrial ads are a thing because products such as milk and beef must be produced locally, therefore it is impossible for them to be owned and regulated by a single company. It is in the interest of all local farmers to advertise the industry as a whole.
National Consumer/Retail Ads
Ad from the company to the consumer, advertising a specific product (Ex: Apple advertising the newest iPhone product).
Direct Market ads
Ad from companies to “likely consumers”, advertising production of products or types of products. Spam/Junk mail. Targeted ads on Google and Facebook.
Public Service Ads (PSA)
Ad from organizations to the public. These do not make a profit. They promote particular social values.
Underground/Stealth/”Buzz” Marketing
Any ad that is promoting a product to the public without them being aware (Ex: Today, we do not know if product reviews are genuine or if the reviewer was paid).
Viral Marketing
Method of product promotion that relies on getting the customers to market for them (thus saving money) through word of mouth, e-mail, etc. Associates the company as “cool” or “funny” (Ex: If you see an ad that has nothing to do with the product and is just a great piece of film, it is likely a viral marketing strategy. Think of the gorilla vid).
Plain Folks
Appeals to consumers by claiming to be “just like them”.
Celebrity Testimonial
Appeals to consumer through the appearances of celebrities. You see this in a lot of skincare ads.
Snob Appeal
Appeals to consumers through associating itself with wealth and luxury.
Bandwagon Effect
Appeals to consumers through stating that “Everyone is doing it”.
Hidden Fear
Appeals to consumers through saying that there is a fear they didn’t even know about, and that they need their product to combat it (Ex: Cleaning products and security systems often use this).
Irritation Principle
Appeals to consumers… or not. Is so annoying that consumers cannot forget about the product.
Association Principle
Appeals to consumers through associating a product with particular social values. Most common advertising strategy.
Disassociation Corollary
Appeals to consumers through distancing itself from certain values (Ex: Coach sending Snooki free Gucci bags so that she wouldn’t feel the need to buy their products).
Product Placement
Slightly hidden method of advertising in which products are placed in films as a form of advertising. Companies pay for these placements.

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