Transcendentalist Business Letter

Length: 475 words

Your resume’ speaks for itself, showing the existence of your ingenuity and recording skills; in light of these facts, you have been selected for the position, and we are awaiting your confirmation to fully incorporate you into our fold. We began to consider you for the Job, because, upon doing a brief background check. We noticed evidence of your affinity for Ingenuity. One of our data clerks unraveled your work, Walden, which contains some history of your life; Including an excerpt stating that you built your own house at one point.

To have learned that you did this, , I set up the frame of my house. ,” was an asset to your acceptance (Thoreau 235). The life experience, like this profound example, is precisely what we are searching for in a resource manager. Your creativity and ability to have foresight in a situation, will prove valuable to the company. Another fact that turned our attention to your application, is your clear experience with record keeping. The data clerk who discovered your work turned our attention to the fact that you kept detailed records on the finances of building your residence.

An excerpt states, “The exact cost of my house, paying the usual price for such materials as I used, but not counting the work, all of which was done by myself, was as follows; presenting a clear example of the fact (Thoreau 236). Your pre-cleared skills are a necessity in this particular job opening. You presume to know the usual estimates for consideration. Also, after reviewing consumer polls, we have observed a spike in business for companies who have gone “green,” or, in other words, are doing their part for the environment.

Your story about your excursion into the woods hints at your deep respect for nature and its’ spectacles. You show us here, “… Some of my pleasantest hours were during the long rainstorms in the spring or fall, which confined me to the house for the afternoon as well as the forenoon, soothed by their ceaseless roar and pelting; … ” (Thoreau 239). We believe that you can bring that passion to the office, and redesign our company’s supply and waste habits, so that we can earn the “green” label. Your contributions would then bring our company business, in turn, granting oh plentiful benefits.

To reiterate, you are by far the most ideal applicant for the Job: you have shown promise with your creativity, you have displayed organization skills and experience to aid you in that folly, and your appreciation for the great-outdoors convinces us of your compatibility with the new program plan. We thank you again for your application, and hope to hear from you soon. You will be an asset to the company, with a concrete position in our fold. Please think on your considerations, and we are here for any questions. Sincerely, Charles Hodges, C. E. O.

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