Training Employees to Decrease Turnover Rate

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Training with latest information and test preparation are considered in the Interactive Video Instruction. A period of two years is given to the customer service employees, where job knowledge is considered the base for their testing. Employees are benefited by the usage of slack periods for their training, which is allowed to the employees in the IVI program. Thus, employees were able to train themselves at any time. Repetition of the training was also allowed to the employees, and own pace and speed was considered by the employees.

In this regard, training time was reduced by sixty percent, and standardize information was helped by the IVI program according to the Federal Express. New hire orientation has also been considered with the help of IVI program. Leadership Evaluation and Awareness Program, which is also known as LEAP, was included by the Federal Express, in order to train the other non-managers in the company. Management positions in the company are then fulfilled by non-management employees, by which, the abovementioned leadership training program is successfully completed in the company.

In this regard, a leadership questionnaire is required to be filled out during the training process, in which, nine characteristics of

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a leader is measured in the trainees. After that, employees and managers are allowed to present a formal critique regarding the candidate during the process. After that, a written examination is organized, which is followed by an interview that is taken by a panel of the company managers and executives.

In some cases, oral presentation is also required from the candidate, and peers of the candidate are assessed during the Leadership Evaluation and Awareness Program of the Federal Express. This training process does not ignore the managers of the company. A three-day in-depth program is organized by the Federal Express, in order to train their managers. A training program, Management Applied Personal Skills is used by the company, which is also known as MAPS. Background information regarding different day-to-day issues is provided by the abovementioned program.

In addition, hand-on application is also provided to the managers, in which, different legal and personnel issues are explained and discussed by the managers and the trainers during the program. On a monthly basis, managers are provided with a minimum of five classes. These classes are organized in different regions of the company, and the Memphis home office of the company is used for one class during this training program for the managers of the company. In addition, a Leadership institute is also run by the Federal Express.

All the new managers are offered with the training regarding the management skills for a full week. Quality management skills, leadership concepts, as well as, the company’s philosophy is also taught by the institute to these managers of the Federal Express. A large number of managers are bringing new trends into the business sector to retain valuable employees. Training useful employees and providing them tough challenges increases their chances of learning new methods to complete projects in tight deadlines.

Normally, employees stay with an organization for 2-3 years and then they move on to another one to learn new things and to get an experience of working in a different environment. Recently, employers have started development plans and training facilities to ensure that their experienced workforce keeps on learning new things and the organization keeps benefiting from their experience. Some of these experienced employees leave their organization when another organization offers them a higher level job like that of a manager. They just want to make their way to the top level step by step.

Hence, employers have started sophisticated training and development programs for such experienced employees. Another good step taken by some employers is the rotation of experienced employees. Such employees are shifted from one department to another and they are also given a chance to get connected to the top level management which they would not be able to enjoy if they join a new job. Moreover, they also get a chance to see the overall operations of the organization and learn the relationship between their own work and other operational activities of the organization.

In some cases, employers enter into an agreement before this whole procedure to ensure that the employee who gets all this exposure does not quit the organization soon. Even if these experienced workers excel their talents in another field, they are more likely to stay within the same organization. Therefore, the organization will still benefit from their experience one way or another. The current generation of employees is more careful about their career development than previous generations were. There are many employees who give more importance to career growth as compared to other benefits.

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