TPR Inorganic Chemistry 1 Flashcard

When it comes to Chemistry on the MCAT, a Higher energy level corresponds to what stability?
Higher Energy means less stable
The first Quant. # is what? What does it describe?
The Shell, the size and energy of the orbital
The first Quant. #’s values range from what?
n = 1,2,3….
The Second Quant. # is what? What does it describe?
The Subshell, energy and shape
The Third Quant. # is what? What does it describe?
the Orbital Number, 3-D orientation in space
The Fourth Quant. # is what? What does it describe?
Spin Number, relative magnetism
The Second Quant. #’s values range from what?
l = 0, 1, 2…n-1
The Third Quant. #’s values range from what?
The fourth Quant. #’s values range from what?
– 1/2 or + 1/2
What are the two shapes that subshells describe? What are the numbers they correspond to?
Spherical and Dumbbell. Spherical = 0 Dumbell = 1
Aufbau Principle states what?
electrons will fill the lowest shell first.
Pauli Exclusion principle states what?
An orbital can hold 0,1,or 2 electrons only. If there are 2, they must be of opposite spin!
Hunds Rule states what?
Electrons will first occupy all orbitals before doubling up. (Think of siblings on couches from class)
What are the two exceptions when doing electron configurations?
Transition metals that are 1 away from being half-filled, or 1 away from being filled.
In the electromagnetic spectrum, Radiowaves or Gamma waves have a larger Wavelength?
Radiowaves, they are slower…thus they have a longer period, or longer distance to travel about an axis.
In the electromagnetic spectrum, a larger wavelength corresponds to what type of a frequency (large or small)?
Larger wavelength means smaller frequency!
The greater the frequency the _____ the wavelength, and _______the energy.
Smaller the wavelength, and greater the energy.
What is the formula that relates frequency, speed of light, and wavelength?
c = ?f (speed of light) = wavelength x frequency
the constant for the speed of light?
3.0 x 10^8 m/s
what is the acronym to most easily remember the visible spectrum’s order?
ROYGBV Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Violet
The values for the visible spectrum?
Red = 750nm ——> Violet = 400nm
Formula to relate energy to frequency?
E = hf
Energy = Plank’s Constant x Frequency
If a photon of light excites an electron to jump from n=2 to n=3 with an energy value of 100kJ, how much energy is released when it falls back to n=2?
the same, 100kJ
Bright Bands against a dark background is a characteristic of what type of spectra?
Emission spectrum
Dark Bands against a white background is a characteristic of what type of spectra?
Absorption Spectrum
Exothermic reactions absorb or release energy?
Release energy
Endothermic reactions have their reactants at an energy level greater or less than their products?
Reactants are less energy than their products.
An Alpha Particle is equivalent to what?
a helium nucleus (2 protons, 2 neutrons)
Negative Beta Decay is what?
Neutron turns into a proton and an antineutrino and electron are released.
Positive Beta Decay is what?
Proton turns into a Neutron releasing a neutrino and a positron.
Electron Capture is what?
Electron is absorbed and combines with a proton from the element to make a neutron.
What is Half-Life?
The time it takes for a cmpd to degrade into 1/2 of itself.
What is Nuclear Binding Energy?
Energy that was released when individual nucleons (protons and neutrons) were bound together.
What weighs more, the individual nucleons of an element, or the actual nucleus?
the individual nucleons!
What is the Mass Defect?
Total mass of separate nucleons — mass of the whole nucleus
formula for the energy of the mass defect?
?E = ?m x 931.5 MeV

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