Toxic Leadership

Toxic Leadership Theory
Characterized by competent, charismatic individuals using ability to achieve power/short-term success while behavior/focus creates negative impacts on organization.
3 Key Traits of Toxic Leaders
Lack of concern for juniors
Lack of interpersonal skills/possess destructive personality traits
Predisposition/motivation based on self-interest
How do toxic leaders rise to power?
Very competent at specific objectives, destructive leaders + susceptible followers + conducive environment achieves desirable and undesirable outcomes.
Toxic Leaders
Vision, charismatic, personality, personalized need for power
Susceptible Followers
Conformers- unmet needs, low self-concept, low maturity
Colluders- similar world view, ambition
Both desire safety, security, group membership, and/or predictability.
Conducive Environments
Instability, (perceived) threat, cultural values, lack of checks and balances.
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