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Toulose is a city in southern France, Capital of Haute -Garonne Department, on the Garonne River and the Canal du Midi. Its major Commercial , Transportation and Manufacturing center, is known for its production of aircraft and aerospace equipment. Other products are chemicals, clothing , electrical machinery, and farm implements. Places of interest in Toulose include a the largeRomanesque Basilica of saint Sernin, which contains the tomb of St. Thomas Aquinas; the Gothic Cathedral of WSaint Etienne; and the church of Notre Dame la Blanche. The city alsocontains mansions in the renaissance style; these include the Hotel Felzins, the Maison de Pierre, and the hotel d;Assezat et de Clemence -Isaure. As the Gallic city of Tolosa, the community was important long before the Roman conquest of Gaul.

It became an episcopal see in the 4th century and was the capital of the Visigoths from 419 to 508, when it was captured by Clovis I, king of the Franks. It served as the seat of the Carolingian kingdom of the Aquitainebfrom 781 to 843, when the separate county of Toulose was established. The city joined the $Roman Catholic cause during the Wars of the Religion in the late 16th

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century, however, in 1562 some 4000 Protestants Huguenots of the city were killed. Nimes, city in southern France, capital of Gard Department, on a plain in the Cevennes Region. Its farm -trade and manufacturing center, products include: texties, clothing.

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