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Total quality management (TQM) implemented by Bengar Industrial Company involves the attitude of the employees towards work. They must be on time, and must not recur absences especially when a project is ongoing. The employees must be knowledgeable of the machines in their department.

Focus on Customers Bengar Industrial Company provides services and produce products at its best for the satisfaction of the customers. They take into account that the customers’ specification for a specific project will be met and will be in accordance with their customers plan.Continuous Improvement Innovation is at increasing rate as of this time. In order to comprehend the need for improvement, Bengar Industrial Company is open for new ways of installing and designing their conveyor system. As a matter of fact, they already did and it was successful.

As seen from their customers’ feedback and the additional orders of the product by the same customers.Interview withMr. Edgardo Silpedes (Deputy Manager Representative-Human Resources Department)1.) Do you believe that your company has a favorable environment to implement these TQM actions? How can you say?“Yes, because the environment is a major factor. But still, we’re working on it.”2.

) Implementing TQM, how do different cultures here of your people affect the possible outcome of TQM?Different cultures meaning different minds, different way of thinking. With that, he emphasizes on implementing rules that will discipline the employees. Rules to make people follow the smallest policy in the company.3.

) Is TQM opens your company on different opportunities? How would you handle the opportunities that comes and how would you choose?“Definitely yes.” The quality of their products and also their services build their image in the industry. They have built trust with their customers. So as their customers undergo innovation, they already know that Bengar Company can turn their innovative plans into reality. Thus creating new ventures for Bengar Co. Philip Morris-Fortune Tobacco Corporation, biggest tobacco company in the Philippines, is one of their customers that opened an opportunity for them to not just install the conveyor system but also to build the whole structure which they don’t usually do.

So in order to make it possible, they hired civil engineers that will help them in this project. Knorr, brand of foods and beverages, ask them to create a conveyor system that is different from the usual. A spiral designs which only them can provide. As a result, Bengar Co. created the fusion of mechanics and electronics, the mechatronics.

4.) What is your first slogan?“There’s none for now. But we want a slogan that will let people know that our company find ways in doing what our customer wants to do. If we could just use the slogan of BDO (We find ways), we would do it or just revised the slogan If BDO can find ways, we can too.

”5.) What do you do to have a better employee? At the same time to maintain the sense of teamwork?“As I’ve said earlier, I incorporated discipline in each of the rules. Plus in this matter, incentive for the employees will never be forgotten so just like any other companies we give 13th month pay and bonuses based on their performance.”6.) What do you think are the most important element of TQM?“Continuous improvement. I don’t want our company to be stagnant in terms of innovation.

There must be an improvement whether to the process or to the products we produce. We will not stop here.”7.) How would you ensure that your employees are more willing to be committed rather than they are force to commit?“We are not the type that forces our employees to work when we find out that they have many recurring absences. These absences are just a sign that this employee is not interested anymore with his/her job.

We would prefer to let them be with another job or companies that will suite them more. We want employees who really love to work in our company without any force applied.”8.) Do you have a customer care center?“There’s none as of now, we plan to do so. For now we are working on forms that will help the customers address their concerns.

”9.) How do you strengthen your customer-relations?“Just by simply producing high quality products without sacrificing its cost to produce. We don’t mind selling products with prices a bit higher than our competitor.”10) How do you assume that the quality of your product can meet their expectation or even exceed?“By following their demands exactly as they want it. We note details like the type of material to use, the shape and other details that they specified”11) What are your tactics to maintain your customer or to prevent them from trying a new product?“We can never assure that the customer would want our services till the end.

But we make it to a point that our services are incomparable. Trust, is the most important element. We build trust not just by customer-producer relationship but we extend it to personal one.”12) In business, you cannot deny the competition, are there any instances that you use benchmarking?“ In the past years we have never benchmarked and so far I can see that in the near future I can’t see the possibility of using that.

”13) For the continuous improvement of your product, are there some instances that you sacrifice quality to achieve a good design or packaging?“We have never sacrificed the quality of our product. It’s the only thing that advances us from other companies. So we grab on to it. Instances relating to sales return are brought about by different casualties that we can’t predict/ foresee/ handle.”14) A cycle-time is a critical quality issue, how do you reduce the cycle time issue but your not sacrificing the quality?“Since we have been on the business for so long, we’ve known the busiest seasons and the not so ones.

Planning and preparation is the key to this. And we may also consider the various demands of the different customers.”

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