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The term sexual or gender equality has really frequently been linked with a host of unblushing man-hating women’s rightists who comb the streets in multitudes recommending equality for both sexes. These ugly images are frequently turned into public gags as work forces comment that the female species has already been given more rights than it truly deserves. Does that intend that the feminist motion is already a war that has been fought and won? Does gender equality prevail in every society in this new millenary?

Gender equality fundamentally means that both sexes have entree to basic human rights such as nutrient. portable H2O or what their peculiar state defines as basic human rights. This evidently is non go oning in states like China where babe misss are choked with ashes once they are born. Gender equality besides means that whatever rights or benefits that males have will be similarly allocated to females. Again we do non see this go oning even in more economically developed states such as Singapore where the rewards of a adult females keeping the same station as her male opposite number is 30 % less.

Therefore why is it so impossible for gender equality to be. particularly at this age and clip where engineering prevails and diehards are being seen as “sticks-in-the-mud” ? After so many old ages since the women’s right to vote motion. the glass ceiling has still proven impossible to perforate. One chief ground is faith and its digesting importance to society.

Religion has ever been and will go on to be an intricate yarn in modern society where the being of a higher power is about incontestable. Most faiths advocate that a woman’s function is one of subservience to her hubby. citing from the book of Ephesians from the Christian Bible “Wives honour and obey your hubbies. ” Crossing Christianity to Confucianism to Islam. most faiths believe that a woman’s destiny is to first obey by her male parent. so to back up her hubby and subsequently on to be a female parent to her kids.

Religion hence clearly states the function of both genders. that the work forces are leaders and breadwinners and that the adult females are protagonists and female parents. These determined functions left a deep imprint on the division of societies that we live in. going a tradition. portion and package of our mundane lives.

How much society chooses to conform to it can be clearly shown by statistics. even though the current society is one which believes it worships economic advancement and information engineering. Every twelvemonth in Singapore there are somewhat more females graduating with a grade than males from the same batch. On the other manus. the figure of top executive places given to this same batch of adult females is far less than that given to males because of the mentality that females will put more accent on their kids than their occupations.

On the other manus. the new moving ridge of information engineering brushing thorough our planetary community has produced a faceless. genderless state. Everyone is identified as merely a figure in the system and mundane countless concern minutess are taking topographic point under a recognition card figure. The boundaries between work and place are easy being blurred and so are the functions of both sexes. Both work forces and adult females are able to work with merely a computing machine whilst being involved in domestic duties at place.

This would interpret to more occupation and publicity chances for females. and males are expected to lend more to the paternal nurturing of their kids. Along with engineering. besides come birth control. preventives and the legalization of abortion. all of which threaten to undersell the traditional function of adult females as female parents by giving them a pick. Therefore engineering is an built-in constituent in film overing the function between work forces and adult females. therefore doing gender equality possible.

No affair how advanced engineering is. it still does non belie the fact that adult females are physically weaker than work forces. This allows leeway for colza. molest and domestic maltreatment which one time once more back up the fact that work forces are dominant over adult females and that adult females are invariably at their clemency. The psychological and emotional makeup of a adult female is besides. stereotyped or proven. more towards the maternal and nurturing side. As the popular expression goes. “men think with their heads. adult females think with their Black Marias. ” This would do adult females less rational. a quality which is non respected in an economic society where rational determinations are of uppermost importance. This fact will hence be a disadvantage to adult females who are viing in a “men’s world” .

After old ages of recommending gender equality. some adult females these yearss are drawing back and altering their rules. taking to believe that it is unwanted to hold gender equality. This alteration in mentality reverberations the 1s made by our maternal ascendants who often frowned upon any act that suggested female importance. This alteration in position could be caused by an onslaught of juvenile delinquents frequently coming from places where both parents are trailing economic position and no maternal attention is provided. A blurring of functions could blow away the maternal gift of females. taking to a society defined by angular characteristics without a softer touch to it. The following coevals will be confused about gender functions and that could take to a whole host of societal jobs such homosexualism or a new strain of cross-dressers

. If gender equality is unwanted. why so do 1000000s of people across the Earth still fight so fierily for it? That is because it is a cardinal moral truth that all human existences are born equal. If we look at it from a Christian point of view. it is written that “Eve was created from a rib at Adam’s side. non above him to govern over him. non below him to be trampled by him but from his side so that she will govern beside him. ” Therefore to pretermit or decline gender equality is rebuting that cardinal moral truth that all human existences deserve to be equal.

There is besides no proved grounds that adult females are in any general manner less gifted. less intelligent or less superb than work forces. There are many instances where adult females are even more gifted than their male opposite numbers in countries that are preponderantly male. such as the technology field. Case surveies have besides shown that some males are more gifted in domestic countries such a hair tonic or domestic family duties.

Therefore. to supply occupation chances based on the stereotyped male – female functions alternatively of the individual’s capableness would be such a waste to human endowment and would hinder the growing of expertness in that peculiar country. Not supplying adult females equal rights in the work force would besides hinder economic advancement as half of Singapore ‘s work force is made up of adult females.

Reasoning this. I feel that it is extremely desirable that entire equality exists between the sexes. entire equality significance that both genders can take to belie gender stereotypes and non to endure favoritism as a consequence of it. On the other manus because of grounds that are beyond the control of any civilization. such as traditional mentalities and natural properties to both genders. clip has proven that it is impossible to hold entire gender equality. Meanwhile. the battle for gender equality still persists. exceeding from the last millenary to this new one.

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