Topic C: Educational psychology and anger management

Helping a child with anger management problems
Ed Psych will help child, teacher and other children by solving issues of anger management in the classroom. It is important to control the situation, as other children and adults will be affected, and learning may be disrupted.
Observing the child and situation
Ed Psych may observe in the classroom, see what triggers the behaviour of the child and look for patterns. Aim to find out what causes anger, and how to identify an anger outbreak.
Gathering as much info as possible
Gather specific info about what happens in classroom, and also at home. Parents invited to discuss, and Ed Psych may visit child’s home to make observations. Look for patterns and may talk to the child to uncover factors that upsets them.
Helping to solve the problem
Can help teacher to identify when an incident is going to happen. Can acknowledge and support the child, to prevent outburst. Child can be taught techniques to calm them down; relaxation and breathing techniques.
Needing further diagnosis
When Ed Psych feels that child has a mental problem, they can refer the child to another agency or specialist for diagnosis.

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