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In To Kill a Mockingbird. Harper Lee tells the narrative of a small miss. lookout. turning up in a little town South of Alabama during the 1930’s. Lookout. with her brother Jem and friend Dill. turn up in a town that has bias. racism. and hierarchy. Along the manner. they learn how bad racism and bias can acquire. Atticus. the male parent of Jem and Scout. teaches the kids about right and incorrect. Atticus gets assign to a instance about a Black. Tom Robinson. convicted of colza. Through Tom Robinson. Atticus Finch. and Boo Radley. Lee suggests that when compassion for another becomes greater than the consideration of ego. will jeopardize one’s life and destroy his/her repute.

Because of Tom Robinson’s compassion for Mayella Ewell. he gets convicted of colza and dies for it. Tom Robinson decides to assist out Bob Ewell’s girl. Mayella. since she looks like she needed aid. He helps her chop chiffarobes and inflaming every clip Tom passes her house. During the test. as Mr. Gilmer inquiries Tom Robinson. Mr. Gilmer asks Robinson. “Why were you so dying to make that woman’s jobs? ” and Robinson responds. “Looked like she didn’t have cipher to assist her…… . I felt sorry for her. she seemed to seek more’n the remainder of ‘em” ( 197 ) . Mr. Gilmer so replies. “You felt sorry for her. you felt sorry for her? ” ( 197 ) . Clearly Tom has endangered his life of all time since he started assisting Mayella. When Mayella asks Tom to assist her chop her chiffarobes and inflaming. Tom accepts to assist her without believing that Dinh he might be jeopardizing his life because of his strong compassion for her.

Besides. when he said I felt sorry for her. he said it without believing about what would go on to him. Because of his great compassion. he gets himself a one manner ticket to danger and has no opportunity of winning the test when he realizes that stating “I felt sorry for her” was the incorrect thing to state. Tom’s married woman. Helen Robinson. has a difficult clip happening work. Reverend Sykes says. “To Tell you the truth. Miss Jean Louise. Helen’s happening it difficult to acquire work these days… . . ” ( 123 ) . Calpurnia says to Scout. “It’s because of what folks say Tom’s done…… folks aren’t dying to- to hold anything to make with any of his family” ( 123 ) .

Reverend and Calpurnia indicate that Helen. Tom’s married woman. has problem happening a occupation. Because of Tom’s compassion for Mayella. it hurts his repute and hurts his married woman. Helen. from happening a occupation merely all from being married to him. Besides. society makes an unreasonable determination that Helen won’t be hired for their concern because of being Tom’s married woman and that he gets convicted of colza. Since Tom’s compassion for Mayella is strong. he gets his repute damaged severely and finally dies like a barbarian.

Atticus. holding great compassion for Tom Robinson. defends Tom of being convicted of colza and because of this his repute worsens and puts himself in danger. Atticus decides to support Tom from being convicted of colza. endangers himself of acquiring killed and worsens his repute. Mrs. Dubose shouts to Jem and Scout. “Your father’s no better than the niggars and the rubbish he works for! ” ( 102 ) . What Mrs. Dubose said gives a intimation that Maycomb’s society despises Atticus since he is supporting a black adult male. Ever since Atticus took the instance. society made a determination that Atticus is worse as a niggar and his repute is damaged. After taking the instance. Atticus decides to protect Tom from acquiring attacked before his test comes. Atticus decides to travel to the gaol where Tom is held and about a twelve work forces enter the prison to where Tom are at.

A adult male says to Atticus. “You know what we want… step aside from the door…… Heck’s bunch’s so deep in the forests they won’t acquire out boulder clay mornin’ ” and Atticus responds “…… Well so that alterations things doesn’t it? ” another adult male responds “It do” ( 152 ) . These work forces who despise Blacks are traveling to ache Tom and would utilize force to complete their aim. Atticus refuses to allow the work forces through to Tom and puts himself in danger. The conversation between Atticus and the group of work forces indicates that they will ache Atticus in order to acquire to Tom. Because of Atticus holding compassion for Tom. he gets threatened by a group of work forces and society says he’s worse as a niggar.

Because of Boo Radley. holding great compassion for Jem and Scout. saves the kids and endangers his life greatly for them. Jem and Scout gets attack by an unknown adult male on their manner place from a public presentation that Scout is in. While being attacked Scout and the unknown adult male “Suddenly he was jerked backwards and flung on the land. about transporting me with him” ( 262 ) . When Lookout reaches her house and gets indoors to Jem’s room. Scout says to the adult male who saved her. “Hey. Boo” ( 270 ) . Scout so identifies the adult male who saved her as Boo and knows that he saves them even though with he can decease while seeking to salvage them. Atticus tells Boo. “Thank you for my kids. Arthur ( Boo ) ” ( 276 ) . This confirms that Boo was the 1 who killed Bob and saves the kids even though put on the lining himself of being convicted of slaying and traveling to imprison and decease. Since Boo had great compassion for Jem and Scout. he rushes out to salvage the kids without believing about the possibilities that he can decease seeking to salvage them.

Tom. holding great compassion for Mayella Ewell. endangers himself and ruins his repute. Atticus holding compassion for Tom. gets his repute every bit low as a Black and gets threatened by a group of work forces. Boo. holding compassion for Jem and Scout. rescues the kids even though he endangers his life. Lee suggests that when compassion for another becomes greater than the consideration of ego. will jeopardize one’s life and destroy his/her repute. Through Tom Robinson. Atticus Finch. and Boo Radley. Lee proves this point.

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