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Was it the right decision to hold the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo
Discursive Essay

5 October 2013Discursive Essay Outline Essay question: Was it the right decision to host the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo
I. IntroductionThesis statement: Although the ecological situation and safety problem are to be solved yet, the choice to carry out Olympics in Japan’s capital is good in all aspects.II.

Body A. ————————————————-
(Reason pros 1- topic sentence)
Japan is reliable in economic and financial terms, because its economy one of the world largest and powerful.
1. Japan’s great preparation for the Olympics
2. Japan Olympiad will attract investors
3. Japan Olympiad will benefit the country’s prosperity B.

(Reason pros 2 – topic sentence 2) Japan had a great success to host the Summer Olympic Games in the past. 1. Past experience allows government to use most of the sportive structures
2. Past experience allows to use highways around the capital city
3. Past experience allows to spend less in financial termsC. (Reason cons – topic sentence 3) Japan’ safety problem causes many concerns, because of the recent events.

1. Danger of the contamination of radiation
2. Danger of high seismic activity
3. Government’s unsatisfactory measures to solve the problemIII.


Holding a great sportive event in Japan’s capital – is the right choice, because it will bring a breath of fresh air to the Japanese and the best hope for a new life.Date: 04/10/2013Student ID: 20130374
Discursive essayWas it the right decision to hold the Olympic Games 2020 in TokyoIt was a real triumph for the whole Japan, as the Japanese capital, Tokyo, was…

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