To Still Run Back

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If only I could see you in my arms

To say that your mine

To hold and love you

To be there for you when you need me

To say that I love you.

But I know he loves you

And I’m happy for you

Even though my heart tells me to move on

I still come back for more

To see you with him

To see you smile when he hugs you

When you hold his hand

When you say that you love him.

I’m happy for you

But every time I see you with him

It brakes my heart to know that

I can’t have you

It’s just that I’ll never have the chance to say that you are mine.

But I still run back to see you hold hands with him

Laugh with him

Hug him because…

I guess I just want to see you smile

To see that you are happy.

But you are always my girl in my heart

For your tears of joy

For your smile

For your happiness

You are always the girl in my heart

In my heart.

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