To kill a mockingbird study guide: chapters 1-11.

When was to kill a mockingbird written?

Who wrote it?
Harper Lee

During what time period is the novel set?

What laws were in place during the time period of the novel that said black people were to be treated separately from white people?
Southern states

What is the setting?
Maycomb county in southern Alabama

How much difference is there in age between scout and Jem?
4 years

When does dill come?

Why does scout get in trouble on the first day of school?
She fought with Walter Cunningham and, she was scolded for reading with her father previously

What is finch’s landing? What do they celebrate there?
It was along a river. They celebrate Christmas.

What are the rumors surrounding Boo Radley?
He was locked in his house for 15 years.

What contact do the children have with boo?
He’s kind of a protector to them.

What happens to miss Maudie’s house?
It burned to the ground.

Why does calpurnia scold scout when Walter Cunningham comes over for lunch?
She is very rude and bad behavior.

What do scout and Jem learn about their father when they see him handle Tim Johnson?
He shot the dog and they are surprised

How does Atticus treat his children?
He constantly gives them advice.

What is one thing Atticus tells his children they may not do with their new rifles?
To not shoot a mocking bird because all they do is make music for us to enjoy, their innocent.

What does Atticus say real courage is?
It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin and you see it through no matter what.

What does aunt Alexandra expect of the whole finch family?
She expects the best from them.

What happens to the pants that Jem tore running away from the Radley house?
He finds them neatly folded as if someone had touched them.

Nathan Radley.
Boo’s care taker and brother.

Heck Tate.


Atticus finch.

Scout finch.

Jem finch.
Scouts older brother, he is her protector and best friend.

Aunt Alexandria.
Atticus’ sister.

Aunt Alexandria’s grandson.

Boo Radley.
Mysterious neighbor.

Miss Maudie.
Most open minded citizen, gardener, spends time with the children.

Tom Robinson.
Black man.

Walter Cunningham.
One of scouts classmates.

Miss Caroline.
New teacher and scouts first grade teacher.

Burris Ewell.
Attends school one day a year.

Mrs. Dubose.
Elderly woman who teaches the children a lesson of bravery.

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