To Kill A Mockingbird Loss Of Innocence

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How many years older is Jem than Scout?
How old was Scout when her mother died?
What is the name of the town Scout lives in?
Maycomb County
What are Jem and Scout’s real names?
Jeremy Atticus Finch and Jean Louise Finch
Who is Scout’s housekeeper?
What does Atticus do for a living?
What did Dill dare Jem to do?
Touch the Radley house
What are the legends that surround the Radley place?
That Boo stabbed his father in the leg with a pair of scissors, nuts from their tree poisoned, he eats squirrels, chained to a bed post in the house, looks in people’s windows at night
Why did Scout have to eat her lunch in the kitchen when Walter Cunningham was there?
She was rude to Walter by questioning his eating habits
What compromise do Atticus and Scout reach about her going back to school?
If she continues to go to school, they will continue reading together every night.
Why was Scout so upset that Miss Caroline told her to stop reading at home?
It was tradition that Scout and Atticus would read together every night, and she didn’t want to stop this tradition. Scout really enjoyed the time she spent with her father reading, and she didn’t know what to do if this had to stop. To Scout, reading was as necessary as breathing.
Why did Atticus treat Walter Cunningham Jr. with such respect?
After Atticus helped Walter Cunningham Sr. with his entailment, Mr. Cunningham repaid him more than he needed to with things such as chopped wood, nuts, and other kinds of food. Atticus treated Walter Cunningham Jr. with such respect because of this and because he treats everyone with respect.
Describe Dill’s clothes and behavior at his first appearance. What is the author trying to tell us about this character?
Dill wore blue linen shorts that buttoned to his shirt and was very short for his age. He made a big deal out of the fact that he could read, showing he wanted to impress others, showing he did not get much attention.
What was the first thing Scout found in the tree?
2 pieces of gum
What was the second thing they found in the tree?
A box with two Indian-head pennies
What is a Hot Steam?
Somebody who can’t get to heaven- just wallows around, if you walk through one, you’ll become one too when you die (a ghost)
What did Dill say his father did for work?
President of L & N Railroad
What new play did they create?
A play about Boo Radley
How did Scout deal with the factor that Dill was better friends with Jem than with her?
She started spending time with Miss Maudie
How did Uncle Jack propose to Miss Maudie every Christmas?
He shouted across the street asking for her to marry him every Christmas
What plan does Dill and Jem come up with concerning Boo?
They were going to get a letter to him asking him to come out
Why were the children so interested in Boo Radley?
They are so interested in him because of all the legends surrounding his family. They don’t know which are true and which aren’t and they are drawn to places they can’t go, such as the Radley house, so they are very interested in Boo Radley because he is mysterious.
Who is Mr. Avery? What strange thing did he do?
Mr. Avery was one of their neighbors who peed off his front porch
What happened to Jem when he tried to look in the Radleys’ windows?
Mr. Nathan Radley came out with a gun, they ran away, but Jem’s pants got stuck and he had to leave them.
Who did Mr. Nathan Radley think was in his yard?
A Negro
How did Dill lie for Jem to Atticus?
He said he won Jem’s pants off of him in a game of strip poker.
Why did Scout not want Jem to go back to the Radleys’ that night?
Mr. Nathan Radley said he wouldn’t shoot so high the next time he heard someone in his yard, so she was afraid Jem would get shot.
What did they find in the tree after they found the twine?
2 soap dolls modeled after them
What frightened Scout at the beginning of Ch. 8?
It snowed- she had never seen snow before
From where were Jem and Scout watching the fire and who gave Scout the Blanket?
They watched the fire from the Radley’s front yard, and Boo gave Scout the blanket.
Why did Scout fight Cecil Jacobs?
he said Atticus defended n*****s
What kind of man is Tom Robinson?
Tom is the black man who Atticus is defending, and his family lives clean.
Why doesn’t Uncle Jack behave like a real doctor?
He tells you specifics of any minor operation he does on you and makes you laugh during it so you don’t realize he is doing anything.
What did Atticus give Jem and Scout for Christmas?
air rifles
What did Francis get for Christmas?
Knee-pants, a red booksack, shirts, and an untied bow tie
What was the only occasion that Scout heard her father speak sharply?
When Aunt Alexandra criticized his parenting
What did Francis call Atticus? What was Scout’s reaction?
A n*****-lover; she jumped on him and beat him up
How did Uncle Jack not treat Scout fairly?
He jumped on her before letting her tell him her side of the story.
How was Atticus different from the other children’s fathers?
He was older/couldn’t do as much
How is it a sin to kill mockingbird?
They do not do anything wrong; they only create beautiful music for people to listen to.
Who was Tim Johnson and what disease did he have?
Harry Johnson’s dog; rabies
Why doesn’t Atticus hunt?
He felt he had an unfair advantage because he was a sharp shooter
Why does Atticus say if he does not defend Tom then Scout and Jem do not have to obey him?
Every lawyer gets one case that affects him personally, this was Atticus’s case. If he backed out on it, he would be backing out on the one case all lawyers have. He has to set a good example for Scout and Jem. He has to live by his own morals before he has his kids live by his.
Why doesn’t Jem want Scout to tell the kids at school about their father’s ability?
if he was proud of it, he would have told them
Why is Atticus so sure that he will not win the case?
black people never win in cases against white people
Who is Mrs. Dubose? How does she treat Jem and Scout?
Mrs. Dubose is their neighbor, and she is very rude to Jem and Scout and calls Atticus bad names.
Under what circumstances did Scout consider her father brave?
he was very polite/respectful to Mrs. Dubose even though she was awful to him
How did Jem get revenge on Mrs. Dubose? What is Jem’s punishment?
He cut off the tops of all her camellias, so he had to go read to her for two hours every day but Sunday for a month.
What book did Jem read to Mrs. Dubose?
Describe Mrs. Dubose’s appearance and behavior during her fits.
She drooled and moved her head from side to side.
What was Mrs. Dubose addicted to?
What was the real reason Jem read to Mrs. Dubose?
to distract her from the pain she was in
What happened to Eunice Ann Simpson at the church?
The Sunday School teacher wasn’t there, so the kids locked her in the furnace room and forgot about her.
While at Calpurnia’s church, what does Scout notice about Cal’s speech?
she speaks with incorrect grammar like the rest of the people there do
What did the Reverend do when there was not enough money given in the offering?
He didn’t let anyone leave until they had collected enough.
Who showed up at the Finch house at the end of Ch. 12?
Aunt Alexandra
What was in the box from Mrs. Dubose and how did Jem react to it? Why did Jem react this way?
There was a camellia in the box from Mrs. Dubose, and Jem freaked out and threw it on the ground when he saw it. He reacted this way because it reminded him of when he cut all her flower heads off, and he thought she was reminding him of it in a negative way, when it was really just her way of saying everything was all right.
Why did some people think it was not all right for Jem and Scout to visit Cal’s church?
they were white
Why was Scout bothered by Reverend Sykes’s sermon?
he talked about the impurity of women and how they were the root of all evil
What question did Scout ask Aunt Alexandra that was not tactful?
she asked her aunt if she would miss Uncle Jimmy
Why was Aunt Alexandra extra irritable on Sundays?
she wears a corset
According to Aunt Alexandra’s reasoning why should the Ewells be fine folk?
they have lived on the same piece of land for generations
What crime did Cousin Joshua commit
he tried to shoot the president
Did Aunt Alexandra fit in the social life of Maycomb?
What does Scout think is under the bed at first?
a snake
What story does Dill come up with to explain why he ran away from home?
His father chained him up in the basement, he escaped, joined a circus, and eventually made it to Maycomb
Was Atticus mad at Dill for running away?
What does Aunt Alexandra mean when she says that everyone in Maycomb has a streak?
Each person’s behavior can be explained by heredity, so they were part of a streak- like a gambling streak, a drinking streak, etc.
Why does Dill lie?
Dill lies to make his life seem more exciting. He feels his parents ignore him, so he tries to draw attention to himself by telling others lies so he will not be ignored.
Why doesn’t Aunt Alexandra want Scout to visit Calpurnia’s home?
Cal is black
What happened to the Klan in Maycomb?
they were unable to scare anyone, the townspeople made fun of them, so they left
Why does Atticus go downtown one night?
He was afraid someone would try to hurt Tom Robinson in the jail that evening.
What do the men in the cars want?
they wanted to see Tom so they could kill him
How does Atticus react when he sees Scout?
Who was watching over Atticus in case there was trouble?
Mr. Underwood
What is Atticus’ attitude toward Mr. Cunningham in light of the events of the night before?
Mr. Cunningham is basically a good man who has blind spots like everyone else.
How was Scout planning on dealing with Walter Cunningham?
she was going to beat him up, but Atticus said no
Who is Mr. Dolphus Raymond? According to Jem, why are mixed children so sad?
Mr. Dolphus Raymond lives with a colored woman and acts drunk to give people a reason why he acts that way, when in reality, that is the way he wants to live. Mixed children are sad because they don’t belong anywhere. White people won’t have anything to do with them because they’re black; black people won’t have anything to do with them because they’re white
With whom do Jem and Scout sit with in the courthouse?
Reverend Sykes in the colored balcony
How does Scout break up the mob and prevent her father from being hurt or killed?
he finds Mr. Walter Cunningham in the crowd and starts talking to him about his entailment and his son. This breaks the tension and causes the men to go home. She reminded them that Atticus had a family too, reminding them that he was human too.
Who is the attorney prosecuting Tom?
Mr. Gilmer
According to the sheriff (Heck Tate), which of Mayella Ewell’s eyes was blackened?
Her right
Why did Jem think it was okay for Scout to be in the courthouse?
She didn’t know what they were talking about
What hand does Bob Ewell write with and why is this important?
His left, he could have beaten Mayella up
Why did Mayella think Atticus was making fun of her?
He was being polite, calling her miss, she had never been called miss before and thought he was making fun of her
Why did Atticus ask Mayella if she had friends?
To show she was lonely
What does it say about Mayella that she gave her age as 19 and a half?
It shows she is immature
What handicap does Tom have?
His left hand got caught in a cotton gin and is now a foot shorter than his left and is completely useless.
According to Tom’s testimony, where were the other Ewell children when Mayella asked him to help her inside the house?
In town getting ice cream
What was Tom’s attitude towards Mayella?
He felt sorry for her
Why was Tom arrested in the past?
He got in a fight (disorderly conduct)
What bothered Dill about the trial so much that he started crying?
He didn’t like how Mr. Gilmer was treating Tom
What was Mr. Dolphus Raymond drinking?
Why does Mr. Dolphus Raymond pretend to be drunk?
To give people a reason why he lives the way he does- his wife is black
During his summation, what did Atticus do that Scout had never seen him do before in public?
He unbuttoned his vest and collar, loosened his tie, and took off his coat; and he started to sweat
What word best describes Atticus’s feelings towards Mayella?
What year does the trial take place?
What does the note say that Cal gives Atticus during the trial?
The note is from Aunt Alexandra saying she does not know where the children are.
What was Reverend Sykes opinion of Judge Taylor’s bias of Tom?
He said that the judge told the jury if you believe this, then to return one verdict, but if you believe that, return a different verdict, and he said the judge was leaning to their side.
Who was chain smoking?
Bert the court reporter
What is the verdict?
Tom is guilty
What sign of respect do all the black people in the court room give to Atticus?
They all stand as he passes
Explain the following quote by Scout: “He (Atticus) is the same in the courtroom as he is on the public streets.”
He does not get any harsher in the courtroom like other lawyers do; he is polite to everyone and treats them as he would if he met them on the streets when he sees them in the courtroom and vice versa.
Why was Tom found guilty?
The people of Maycomb are prejudiced, so he was found guilty because he was black. There was almost no way the jury would favor a black man over a white woman.
How did the people of Maycomb show their gratitude to Atticus?
The morning after the trial, their front porch was covered in food.
Who did Miss Maudie say helped Tom Robinson?
Mr. Tate, Judge Taylor for naming Atticus to defend him
What was Atticus only remark about Bob Ewell spitting on him?
“I wish Bob Ewell wouldn’t chew tobacco.”
What is Jem’s opinion of the jury system?
He thinks they should get rid of them.
What kind of Streak did the Cunningham’s have?
Why couldn’t Scout go with Jem when he was teaching Dill to swim?
They were swimming without clothes on
What does Scout want to be when she grows up?
A lady
If Scout was governor of Alabama for just one day, what would she do?
Free Tom Robinson
How did Tom die?
Shot 17 times when trying to escape jail
What was so hypocritical about the Maycomb Ladies Missionary Society?
They want to help people millions of miles away when there are plenty of problems that they could not care less about right in their home town.
How did Tom’s wife, Helen, react when she found out Tom was dead?
She collapsed onto the floor
According to Scout, when was Tom first considered a dead man?
When Mayella screamed
What is Jem’s position on the football team?
Water boy
What is Scout’s fantasy about Boo?
She would see him sitting on the front porch, they would say hello to each other and comment about the weather.
What is Scout’s definition of democracy?
“Equal Rights for All, Special Privileges for None”
What is Scout’s costume?
A ham
Who tries to scare Scout and Jem on their way to the pageant?
Cecil Jacobs
What is Cecil’s costume?
A cow
How did Scout ruin the pageant?
She fell asleep and missed her cue
Who attacks Scout and Jem?
Bob Ewell
What are the benefits to having students do Current Events? Why is important that one of the benefits is to have the children long to be part of the group?
Good posture/ pose, Made them word-conscious, Strengthened memorization, Long to be part of group, this was important so that the children would learn to communicate with each other and not to be the loner.
What bothers Scout about Miss Gates attitude toward Hitler?
She hates her for persecuting Jews, when right after the trial she was talking about how black people should learn their place.

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