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Functional Area 1: Safe

I check the schoolroom and resort area every forenoon to do certain there are no harmful or risky stuffs. I discard any broken stuffs instantly. I unstack chairs before kids enter the room. I complete and keep my face to call papers at all times. During transitioning. I count every kid and update my face to call. entering every passage and checking that every kid transitioned safely twice. I keep all cleansing merchandises out of range. I make certain that all stoppers have screens and all electric cords are safe and unafraid. I encourage kids to utilize safe behaviours at all times. explicating in simple linguistic communication cause and consequence natural effects. I supervise kids by both sight and sound at all times. I make certain that merely one kid at a clip enters the public toilet.

Functional Area 2: Healthy

I have the kids wash their custodies upon come ining the schoolroom. before eating. and after utilizing the public toilet. Toys are sanitized twice daily. Children are assigned a fingerstall and cot sheets are washed hebdomadally. When sheets are removed the fingerstall is sanitized. Children’s covers are stored so that they do non touch each other. I sanitize tabular arraies before and after eating. Meals are served household manner and I sit with the kids promoting them to eat healthy by both patterning healthy feeding and utilizing duologue to prosecute in conversations that promote healthy feeding.

Functional Area 3: Learning Environment

I create a developmentally appropriate acquisition environment that is good organized and knowing. Learning centres are good defined and there is a sufficient figure of stuffs to suit the group size. I guarantee that all activities are purposeful. I have a nice balance of kid directed and teacher directed activities. An hr of uninterrupted free drama is scheduled twice daily. I ask unfastened ended inquiries and engage in meaningful conversations continuously. I create a warm nurturing relationship with each kid in my schoolroom.

CS I A- Menu
The hebdomadal bill of fare is designed to offer the kids three balanced repasts and one bite daily. The bill of fare limits sugar and does non incorporate any processed nutrients. A assortment of fresh fruits and veggies are served daily. Milk and H2O are offered merely. I believe good nutrition is the footing of children’s behaviours and that the bill of fare provides a well-balanced healthy diet.

CS I B- Room Environment

I believe that the room agreement allows for the kids to flux freely and offers plentifulness of infinite to larn and research. The acquisition centres are good defined. The kids are able to travel from centre to focus on freely and remain in their chosen centre for every bit long as clip allows.

CS I C- Weekly Planning

I believe that kids learn best through custodies on larning experiences. My lesson program promotes larning through drama and includes disputing activities that promote development within the appropriate zone of proximal development. A assortment of multisensory acquisition experiences are offered daily.

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