TKE Quiz 5

Chapter Founding
May 12, 1956
Jizzelle Bacani
Jessica Freeman
Jeweled Officers
President (Prytanis) – Kimble
Vice President (Epiprytanis) – Reel
Secretry (Gammateus) – Hodonicky
Treasurer (Crysophylos) – Pawlowski
Historian (Histor) – Conkey
Chaplain (Hypophetes) – Sweezy
Seargeant at arms (Pylortes) – Madry
Educator (Hegemon) – Randazzo
President (Prytanis) – Gavel
Vice President (Epiprytanis) – Open Book
Secretry (Gammateus) – Crossed Quillz
Treasurer (Crysophylos) – Key
Historian (Histor) – Scroll
Chaplain (Hypophetes) – Heart
Seargeant at arms (Pylortes) – Dagger
Educator (Hegemon) – Skull
Description of Officer Responsibilities
– President – presides over all meetings and serves as chief administrator of chapter affairs, enforce laws/traditions
– Vice Pres – similar to Pres, public relations chair
– Secretary – records chapter proceedings and handles correspondences
– Treasurer – chief financial officer, collets all payments and pays bills, maintains financial records
– Historian – records address and history of each member and all historical interest of the chapter
– Chaplain – conducts all devotional exercises and ritualistic ceremonies, handles scholarship affairs
– Sergeant-at-arms – acts as doorkeeper of all chapter meetings and is chief risk manager
– Educator – in charge of candidates for membership til initiation and teaches them about the fraternity
9th Officer
Recruitment chair – Kelman
Life blood of fraternity
Membership recruitment
5 focus areas
Sexual abuse
Alcohol can be purchased with chapter funds.
TKE can hold open parties where alcohol is present.
Members are allowed at certain times to provide alcohol to minors.
The Chapter is not allowed to co-sponsor an event with an alcohol distributor such as a tavern.
According to the TKE risk management guidelines members can participate in drinking games.
Common sources of alcohol such as kegs, cases, or jungle juice are allowed under certain circumstances.
At certain times hazing activities are allowed under certain circumstances.
The possession and/or use of firearms and explosive devices of any kind within the confines and premises of the chapter house is expressly forbidden.
Top TKE Chapter Award
highest award for a collegiate chapter, presented to the chapters chosen as outstanding by the Chief Executive
Top TKE Award
highest award given to a collegiate member in the fraternity, chapter nominates one graduating senior for the award
Know the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award
recognizes Frater Reagan’s dedication and loyalty to TKE, given by the TKE Educational Foundation along with a scholarship, recognizes outstanding leadership demonstrated by activities and accomplishments within the chapter/campus/community
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