Time Management/Memory

Productive time
doing something that gets you closer to your goal *depends on your personal goals*
Unproductive time
Not doing something that gets you closer to your goal *depends on your personal goals*
Short Term Goals
Goals that you which to achieve within 1 day-2 months
Intermediate Goals
Goals that you which to achieve within 2 months-1 year
Long Term Goals
Goals that you which to achieve in 1 year and beyond
Doing nothing; avoiding tasks that need to be accomplished
The biggest enemy to time management is _________
Causes of Procrastination
Difficulty concentrating, fear of failure, fear of success, negative beliefs, personal problems, boring tasks, Unnecessary commitments, rebellion, revenge, and feeling of being overwhelmed.
Procrastination Behaviors
Too much time “getting ready”
Lack of organization
Spending time on things without the greatest benefit
Unwillingness to say “no”
How to Avoid Procrastination
Set clear attainable goals, start small- break the task down, avoid misery, create regular study area, say “no” more often, perfection isn’t needed, positive self talk, reward good habits, make a schedule, create a support system, and no excuses
7 C’s of Success
*Conception*-clear vision
*Confidence*-strong belief that you can attain goals
*Concentration*- stay focused
*Consistency*- stubborn and determined
*Commitment*- need emotional commitment
*Character*- good spirit, courage and judgment are needed
*Capacity*-must enjoy process of reaching goal
Trying to commit information to memory by rote or mindless repetition
Trying to remember a lot in a short amount of time
NOT LEARNING and is is an inefficient way to store information
Acquiring knowledge through frequent review
Keeps information over a long period of time
Becomes a part of background knowledge
Requires time and repetition
The mental ability of retaining and recalling past experiences
Short Term Memory
What you keep in your attention in the moment
Usually hold 5-9 different things
Phone numbers
Long Term Memory
What you know and can bring to mind whenever you choose to do so
If you review every now and then, you can remember as long as you like
Organizing information so that details are brought together under the main idea or category
Organize them so they make sense to you
Saying a phone number in rhythm
To see an image or picture in your mind’s eye
repeating information that you want to learn
When you say the information aloud
Link Method
Mnemonic Device where you develop a visual story with a list of words
Mnemonic Device where you take the first letter from each word you want to remember and make a new word
EX Great lakes= HOMES
Mnemonic Device where a sentence is made by taking the first letter from what you are trying to remember and then inserting another word beginning with the same letter
Every Good Boy Does Fine
My Goodness Eating Hot Nachos Causes Pain
Other Mnemonic Devices
Tie string on finger
Stick something odd in your pocket
Write on hand/arm (not good! Ink poisoning!)
Put something out of its normal position
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