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This product was made in the records to the main methods used to measure the Australian Biscuit Market and Arnotts’ national market share of not less than 70% of the total Australian biscuit market. Moreover, those records which purported to describe “market conditions” and “competitive activity” discussed the activities of other biscuit manufacturers only. Furthermore, in terms of the various biscuit categories, these were described frequently as segments, such as “Flavoured Snacks Segment”, of “biscuit market”, rather than being described as markets on their own.

Marketing Size The most recent annual fgure in terms of revenue or units sold. Eg. The size of the Australia Biscuit Market in Australia in 2009 was $ 1. billion dollars and 113,286. 6 tonnes sold. Market Growth This table shows the market growth of biscuit company manufactures from 2004 to 2008. Year Confectionary 2004 926. 9 million 2005 1. 05billton 2006 1. 05 billion 2007 1. 1 billion 2008 1. 2 billion Figure 1: This line graph illustrates the Market growth of biscuit industry in Australia from 2004 to 2008 5 Market Share Arnott’s is the market leader with the majority ( 58. 8% in total).

Arnott’s is famous with the popular brand Tim Tam and Shape and these products of them always more attractive customer than other products of other biscuit industry. Housebrand is the second with 10. 40%. Products of this company are cheaper but the qualities are good but not have too much kind of products in the market. Next to that are Paradise and Kraft, the main competitors of Arnott’s with 5. 68% and 5. 57% in total. These 2 companies are Australian and they are good at understanding the favourite flavour of Australian. But the quality and the marketing activities of them are not attractive customer.

Goodman Fielder H. l and Manassen are next with 2. 57% and 2. 14%. Smith’s has the minority with 0. 1% in total. The Target Market Women Women in Australia are a largely un-targeted group in terms of consumer products. Over the past few decades, women have been gradually given equal constitutional in a social sense. Middle to Upper Class, Working with a Disposable Income Women in Australia are working more now than ever before and constitute around 45% of the workforce in the country. In addition, women between the ages of 30-39 have the highest gross income.

As our target market works, they will want to unwind and treat themselves after along days work. This is a behavioural aspect of the target arket that Tim Tams would suit. 6 Arnott’s Slogan Arnott’s slogan, “There is no substitute for Quality’ suits the market we are entering. We want to position Tim Tams in a premium market segment, with the unique selling proposition of quality. This remains very close to the strategic alignment of their products in Australia and abroad as they price their products in a premium manner. Company history and background Tim Tam biscuits were named after a horse that won the Kentucky Derby

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