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The child is playing with blocks representing trading blocs. In the back there are the child’s parents saying “he seems to be regressing”. I think what the author is trying to say is that trade blocs are taking the worlds economy in the wrong direction. In my opinion I’d say the author is a big supporter of free trade because he feels there’s more room for economic growth. Hat’s why he chose to depict the world as a child and trade blocs s a child’s toy to show that we need to grow out of our old habits (trading blocs) and into something where we can invest more economically such as combining the trade blocs or simply creating free trade agreements for all the countries. In this source there are two pictures. The first picture is off conqueror holding a flag and he is saying” I claim this land in the name of his majesty… “. The second picture is of a business man holding an MIFF flag and he is saying ” I structurally adjust this land in he name of economic growth”.

Then underneath both of them it says progress. In my opinion I think the author is trying to say that a long time rich counters would increase their wealth by claiming new lands. In today’s world, rich countries maintain or increase their wealth by controlling (critics say) economic policies of poorer countries through the international monetary fund. This Is not really my opinion but believe that is the point the author is trying to get across. This source looks to be a news paper article. It is about companies outsourcing to foreign countries.

The first example is about sears cutting hundreds of Jobs and outsourcing them to India and the Philippines. Another example, an ROB employee was asked to train his replacement, who was a foreign worker from India. To compete In a global market Canada’s large transnational occupations are forced to adjust strategies and economic policies to thrive. By utilizing trade Liberation’s (outsourcing Jobs) sears has access to employees In foreign countries who are willing to do the same work for ar less pay.

To summarize, what may be good for Canada’s transnational Is not good for Canadian workers. Economic globalization affects peoples lives In many ways both good and bad. One of the benefits of globalization should be lower priced consumer goods. Adversely the wealthier countries will be loosing Jobs to the poorer countries. Until the world comes to an equal global market. I’m not sure If an equal global market will ever be possible, because of the rich countries protectionist ways.

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