Through true eyes

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The films depict how underprivileged, minorities are able o transform their lives to become successful by expressing themselves through writing. Erin Gruel and William Forrester help the students to focus their attention, Improving their lack of vocabulary, Limited understanding of grammar as well as ignorance of literature. Mrs.. Gruel and Mr.. Forrester also help the children by improving their understanding of surrounding environment in turn giving hope to what they considered a hopeless life. In the film, “freedom writers”, Mrs.. Gruel arrives as a new English teacher and comes across Margaret Campbell, who is the apartment chair.

Upon introduction Margaret says, “Those are lovely pearls I wouldn’t wear them to class”. Despite the warning Mrs.. Gruel continues to wear the pearl necklace, as she said it was a gift from her father. Nearing the end of the film, it is seen that Mrs.. Gruel ceases to wear the pearls, revealing Mrs.. Gruel’s liberation from her father. Similarly In the film. “finding Forrester”, for twenty years Mr.. Forrester did not take a step out of the apartment, but after befriending Kamala Wallace, he was able to make a trip back to Scotland before he died due to lung anger. Mrs.. Gruel

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and Mr..

Forrester form a close bond with those they teach. Being a new English teacher Mrs.. Gruel Is given permission to teach high level classes because of the rise in grades of her students but mainly she requests to teach a higher grade due to the requests of her sophomore batch that considered the class as a family Instead. Relatively Kamala started to write in his journal when his father died. Mr.. Forrester, by correcting his writing, and giving him wisdom, became a father figure as well as a mentor. Finding Forrester”, focuses on one student and how he faces racism by moving to a private school.

The film shows how he Is faced with problems during basketball practice as, John Harebell, a fellow team mate who says, “you think we’re the same, we’re not. ” succeeding a penalty of fifty free throws. Kamala also faces hatred by his English professor. In “freedom writers”, the students of class 203 not only face multi racial conflicts but also face trouble with gangs and violence, something not seen in “finding Forrester”. Mrs.. Gruel is a new teacher and uses her unorthodox teaching techniques to train students and help them have a better chance of accomplishing their newly set goals In life.

Mr.. Forrester on the other hand, had successfully published a bestselling book, and was able to help Kamala focus his writing in the right direction, evolving and harnessing his talent. Another difference would be the main aim. The film, “freedom writers’ aim was to show how multiple cultures came together to become a single family and achieve excellence in the field abilities of a student can create doubt of his or her intellectual abilities, therefore forcing hem to choose between the two.

After critically watching both the films one would come to an understanding that the educational system has many flaws most of which are due to biased or racist individuals who are running the system but how even when different environments are taken into consideration with the right kind of guidance many students can achieve academic as well as personal success. The government could help better such cases by introducing an agency that would regularly take surveys and rid of the corrupt.

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