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Though the company has been flourishing and acting as a role model for majority of the world companies, it has suffered major weaknesses and threats that posses major dangers on its development aspects. To begin with, manging the vast branches has been very challenging. With them operating independently and in different countries with varying economies, the company has to succumb to differences in policies and management strategies employed by them. This has made it vulnerable to succumbing internal wrangles by these organizations.

As a result, there has been great threat of tarnishing its name especially where corruption and bureaucracy is rampant. To add to that, the group has suffered major treats from piracy of the production materials especially in entertainment and music industry. This not only makes it undergo vast losses, but intrinsically kills the future producers and therefore dooming the business operation. Vast competition from other similar companies in the music and entertainment as well as travel business has been very high making it to use more resources in marketing.

In the travel section, British Airways, American Airlines and Delta international have kept it on its toes with threat of capturing the market share in case

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of any miscalculations (Slocum, 69-71) . Corporate culture. As indicated earlier the group emphasizes on customer satisfaction in all the products and services offered to the consumers. Therefore, a strong culture of service has been assimilated in majority of the affiliate branches.

Besides, it has developed an immediate idea of team work that acts to bring the production management and the marketing realms together for faster and better results. Use of virtual project management has been adopted to ensure that all the affiliate companies are well connected and in constant communication of the immediate demands of regional considerations. Since inception, the company has adopted the policy of total quality management which ensures that all the lines of production are directly alert on the implications they have from the production unit.

To add to that, it has become part of the group that they must adopt lean management for high returns. This assists in ensuring that wastes in terms of human resources and capital are maximumly utilized by reducing all the possible wastes (Glen, 56). Social responsibilities and Ethics. Bulk of the organizational success has been attributed to the efficiency corporate social responsibility that the group has been undertaking since inception. This has acted as a major platform to promote responsible activities in all the major branches.

The group has been directly and indirectly involved in health, environmental issues and education among others to ensure that that it gives back to the people some of the profits it makes. 207/2008 saw the company focus more on bio-fuel opportunities as a strategy to reduce major emission and thus control global warming. It aims at exploring the possibility of using bio-fuels in its air buses. In the nest 10 year, the company plans to use $ 3 billion. In conjunction with Virginia Health care, the company supports four charities internationally.

Besides, it has been contributing to major disasters kitty internationally like Katrina disaster and the devastating tsunami. It also sponsors various activities like sports to promote high performance. It funded the lions rugby tour to South Africa. To add to that, it has emphasized as part of the management culture on the need to have zero tolerance to corruption in all levels (Plunkett, 51-53). Conclusion. During the 21st century, success of major and minor companies is determined by their ability to offer high customer oriented services.

Therefore, immediate analysis of the major factors that help the companies to increase the grip on the possible opportunities while capturing others and reducing the possible threats must become part of the management procedures. Therefore, virgin Atlantic has focused internally through development of positive management culture that aims at increasing the overall value of the final products and services. As a major step, the company focuses on outsourcing via its various branches internationally and diversification of the products to ensure sustainability.

Finally, an external focus to the people in the different regions of operations has added to the main good will from the consumers.

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