This Is How Roadrunnr –Tinyowl Plan to Operate Post Merger

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Roadrunnr, post its acquisition of TinyOwl, the company (Carthero Technologies Pvt Ltd), will transition into a food ordering and delivery platform. Runnr will be a customer centric brand with delivery experience being the primary focus.

The food delivery space has been one of the most troubled domains in the startup space over the last one year. Those include operational shutdowns, Zomato’s markdown by HSBC’s brokerage arm and lack of investor interest.  TinyOwl has also shut its operations across the country barring Mumbai. With this transition, the new brand Runnr, is going to directly take on Swiggy and Zomato.

Amid troubled waters, it would be interesting to see how Runnr’s entry into this space will change the fortune of the entrepreneurs and investors involved with the two companies. Sequoia Capital and Nexus Venture Partners are common investors to both Tiny Owl and Roadrunnr.

The newly rebranded company said on Saturday that it has launched a fully integrated app called Runnr which is now available on the iOS and Google Play Store.  Runnr Food Ordering app is currently live in South Bombay with over 150 restaurants. There is no minimum order size and the app offers live tracking of delivery – a strategy that was implemented

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by Faasos and Swiggy, that helps cater consumers who demand miniature size orders.

Roadrunnr, started by ex-Flipkart employees, was launched last year to serve the hyperlocal delivery space. 


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