things i need to learn to pass my permit test;)

the only time you do not have to stop for a school bus whose red lights are flashing and stop arm is extended is when you:
are driving on the opposite side of a divided highway
when you are planning to make a turn, you should activate your turn signals:
3-4 seconds before you reach the intersection
your blindspot is the area of the road:
You cant see without moving your head
before backing up you should:`
turn your head and look through the rear view window
the driver has his hand up out the window. this signals:
he is turning right
the effect that lack of sleep has on your safe driving ability is the same as:
the effect that alcohol has
on a two lane road, you may pass another vehicle on the right when:
the driver youre passing is making a left turn
to pass a slower moving vehicle on a two lane road you must:
use that lane that belongs to oncoming traffic
at an intersection with a stop sign you should stop and:
look left, right, then left again
when exiting a highway, you should slow down:
once you have moved into the exit lane.
you are waiting to turn left onto a multilane intersection, and opposing traffic is blocking your veiw, you should:
wait till you can see all the lanes you need to cross
your ability to stop is affected by
the condition of the road
a safe following distance on perfect road conditions is:
4 seconds
if the rear of your vehicle is skidding left you:
turn left
when driving on slick roads you should:
take turns more slowly
hydroplaning is caused by:
excessive speeding

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