”Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe Essay

In ”Things Fall Apart” Chinua Achebe takes us to a Nigerian small town at the clip of the British colonisation of Africa where significant alterations are impacting the dwellers. Okonkwo is a proud African adult male who strives to win in the Igbo society. In his early yearss he created a name for himself by being a successful grappler. He so put tremendous attempt into doing his farm comfortable by working difficult and making a large household. That he appreciates difficult work and subject defines him as a male parent. When he realizes that his oldest boy Nwoye is non of the quality he requires. he feels himself obligated to take action largely with the usage of force idea he finds small pleasance in crushing the kids and positions. It is instead a manner to obtain regard and his manner of rearing. To some extent this domestic aggression is accepted and is an acknowledged portion of the Igbo civilization. Apart from the elevated place he acquires other clanswomans do non ever hold with his unprompted nature as for the incident during the hebdomad of peace when he beat his married woman.

At first sight Okonkwo is a confident adult male who has no frights. This is profoundly rooted in the position of how a adult male should be in their civilization where the ability to non demo any emotions is extremely redeemed. But really. a batch of his actions can be traced back to fear and insecurity. This fright clearly has to make with Unoka. his faineant male parent who left nil over to his boy but debt after his decease. Finally. these moral criterions struggle Okonkwo when fondness starts to turn for Ezinma. the girl of his 2nd married woman. feelings which he experiences are hard to manage. He besides feels particularly bad after he killed the adopted male child Igbomefuna. an act that puts Okonkwo in a depression that if nil else demonstrates that something has changed in his character.

”Okonkwo was besides experiencing tired. and sleepy. for although cipher else knew it. he had non slept at all last dark. He had felt really dying but did non demo it. When Ekwefi had followed the priestess. he had allowed what was regarded as sensible and manfully interval to go through and so gone with his matchet to the shire” . ( p 82 )

One could inquire why he follows even though the priestess had requested to be entirely with Ezinma during the sprititualic rite. It is apparent that interrupting the regulations of the ritualic traditions is non something he could allow himself make easy. Not chiefly would it be fright of the Gods. Okonkwo tries to maintain up a facede which involves obeying the traditions of his ascendants as for non demoing emotions. And with a past as a warrior it is apprehensible why he is acute to non look weak.

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Thingss Fall Apart – Chinua Achebe
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