isolated system def
NOmatter, heat, work exchanged with surroundings
Closed system def

exchanges: heat & work

No: matter

Open system def

CAN exchange everything:




isobaric process
pressure constant
isothermal def
temp is constant
adiabatic process
no heat added or substracted exchanged btwn enviroment & surroundings

Give values for T and P : standard temp & pressure

2. standard conditions

1. STP = 0C(273K)

1 atm

(ideal gases)

2. standard conditions

T= 25 C (298K)

1 atm

First law of thermodynamics

give formula and name

law of conservation of energy

?U= Q-W

change in internal energy= heat-work done by system

units: J

second law of thermodynamics

energy spontaneously disperses from being localized to becoming spread out if it is not hindered from doing so.


ex hot tea cooling down,

living things dying

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