Theology Quiz 1

Question Answer
Inspiration The gift of the Holy Spirit by which a human author was able to write a biblical book
Did God dedicate the Bible? No. He worked through the authors as they wrote, collected, and edited
Inerrancy Without error (scripture is inerrancy)
God intended each book to _________ Communicate
What do the Bible books tell us Who God is and what we need to know to be in a relationship with him now and in eternity
The OT was written in Hebrew ; 7 books were written in Greek
Primary language of the NT Greek
What language did Jesus speak Aramaic
Vulgate Latin translation of the Bible, written by St. Jerome in the fourth century A.D. (Translated Greek into Latin)
What version of the Bible do we read in mass? The NAB
Canon The books recognized as being "the Bible". Formed in 393. The church discerned which books are inspired through sacred tradition
OT books in the canon Books used by the Jewish during worship
NT canon books Used by the early Christian churches for instruction and during liturgy
Jewish Bible Tanakh
Septuagint Means 70, Greek translation of the Bible (the legend is that 70 scholars worked on the translation)
Catholic Canon Based on Septuagint, included 73 books, OT:46 NT:27
Protestant Canon Based on Palestinian Canon, included 66 books, OT: 39 NT: 27
Exegesis The process used by scholars to discover the literal meaning of the biblical text
Literal Sense Identifying genre and understanding what the author intended to say
Literalist Sense Fails to identify the genre and, as a result, failing to understand what the author intended to communicate
Spiritual Sense: 3 parts:Allegorical SenseMoral SenseAnagogical Sense
Allegorical Sense What individual passages mean in the larger context of salvation history. Recognizing that events/people in the OT foreshadow events/people in the NT
Moral Sense What a biblical text teaches us about how to live our lives
Anagogical Sense The way that the events or realities of scripture lead us toward, or direct our attention to, heaven, which is our final goal
Saint Augustine "The NT is concealed in the Old, and the Old is revealed in the New"
Literary genres A type of writing that has a particular form, style, or genre

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