Themes of Biology/ Classification Studyguide

Name the 6 Kingdoms
Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia

Name one criterion used to place an organism into a specific Kingdom
Eukaryote vs Prokaryote

What characteristic separates Monerans from other Kingdoms?
Unicellular vs multicellular.

Name 3 characteristics of life
Cells, organization, energy use.

What is phylogeny?
Evolutionary characteristics of groups of organisms over time.

Compare Asexual and Sexual reproduction
Sexual and Asexual reproduction are similar in the fact that they both produce offspring

Describe the process of development
A sperm meets an egg -> zygote->Blastula->”gestation”->”infant”-> Adult organism

What is the difference between morphology and anatomy
Anatomy studies presence of structures, morphology studies function of structures.

True/False: Structure is related to function

Describe the path energy takes trough the food web.
Sun-> Autotrophs (plants)-> Heterotrophs (can’t photosynthesize)-> Decomposers.

What is Bioethics?
Ethics pertaining to life.

How hast he system of taxonomy changed over the years?
Originally, common names were used -> Aristotle: w/ blood vs w/o blood. -> Carl Linnaeus: Binomial Nomenclature

Which scientist made the biggest contribution to taxonomy?
Carl Linnaeus did because his change is used in today’s biology, therefor, as of now, he made the biggest contribution.

Describe the difference between analogous structures and homologous structures
Analogous structures would be like a bat wing and a dragon fly wing, whereas homologous would be a bat and a fish fin because they evolved from the same thing.

Give an example of a homologous structure
Bat wing and fish fin

Some bacteria live on iron rather than sulfur

Male elk and deer have antlers

What is used to classify organisms
Biochemical comparison, Embryological evidence and Chromosomal comparisons.

Kingdom: Fern

Kingdom: Escherichia Coli

Kingdom: Mushroom

Kingdom: Algae

Kingdom: Dragonfly

Which Kingdom has the most important function?
Plants, they allow sunlight to start the energy chain and allow oxygen replenishment.

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