The World Needs Better Technology

A malfunctioning coffee maker, a burning Jamaican flag, a cell phone, Youth, disgruntled United Nation’s members, an angry mob, the riot police and the army. It Is difficult to Imagine these things having any connection at all. However, the commercial being analyzed ties all of these elements together to sell a concept. This paper will Justify that the purpose of the advertisement, is to demonstrate the vital importance of technology to the world and this essay will also prove that the target audience are German small business owners who are reliant on technology.

An analysis will be made of the differences in interpretation of this advertisement between Germans and Jamaican. This advertisement shows a malfunctioning coffee maker that caused a coffee shop attendant to accidentally ignite a Jamaica flag. In a frantic attempt to extinguish the fire, he ran with the burning flag outside the small shop and trampled It, hoping to douse the flames. Bystanders saw his hysterical effort to put the fire out and some of them assisted in smothering the blaze, while there viewed and interpreted the impromptu firefighters action in a negative light.

The amplification of this Incident was facilitated through technology, as word spread quickly to people through various media. Soon thousands stated their disapproval and contempt of the Jamaican flag being set ablaze. These events, ultimately, lead to a riot in the streets outside the coffee shop as a massive angry crowd assembled, boasting a militant, yet patriotic mood. The advertisement ends with the German words “die welt fraught Bessemer technician” which translates the world needs better genealogy.

It is key to note that this advertisement not only showed the faulty coffee maker at the beginning, but it reveals to viewers the proficiency of modern technology. The moment the coffee shop attendant emerged from the small shop with the burning flag, a wall mounted surveillance camera captured footage of all that transpired after that point in time. Additionally, a young man who was standing on the street captured a video of the attendant’s actions with his phone’s camera. Through this medium the video immediately went viral on Youth.

In a matter of minutes the video registered over 29 million views from people and an equal number of dislikes. Word got out about the burning flag so quickly that a massive, angry mob converged at the scene even before the small fire could be extinguished. The purpose of this advertisement is not clear from the start of the video and besides the smoldering Jamaican flag, there was not one product that was prominent. A close observation of the chain of events will depict the fundamental Importance and impact of technology to world.

It was a faulty technological device that triggered the Hattie chain of events, however, if the wall mounted camera and the cell phone were absent, many people would not know about the burning flag as quickly as It was portrayed. Therefore the advertisement reaches out to Its viewers In an Immediate and ironic manner through negative appeal. The director demonstrates the efficiency of modern technology, with the intent to persuade viewers that the world needs I OFF malfunction. Apparently, this advertisement is aimed at audiences in Germany as the translation and language used, were in German.

The argument can be made that the main target audience would be small business owners within that country. The obsolete and malfunctioning coffee maker catcalled a chain of events that proved to be bad for business. The advertisement therefore implies, that if businesses do not have the newest technology such catastrophic events could easily happen to them. The first scene of the commercial showed the environment of a small coffee shop. This is considered to be a small business due to the size of the establishment and the number of employees that are present.

The conclusion that this advertisement is Argentina German small business owners could be made on the premise that, an example of a small business was presented in the advertisement. The series of event in the commercial sent a message to technology-dependent business owners, that efficient technological tools are vital for the operation of their businesses. While watching the advertisement, it is difficult to overlook the many scenes that showed the Jamaican flag. It would also be challenging to ignore the reggae song, by Barrington Levy entitled Murderer, which was used in the background.

Without economizing the connection of Jamaica to the Jamaican flag, the religion of Rationalism’s and Reggae music it will be difficult for viewers to fully understand the chain of events in the advertisement. Reggae is a genre of music that has its roots in Jamaica. This genre is closely linked to Rationalism’s, which is a religion that originated in Jamaica that preaches harmony, peace, and brotherly love for all the citizens of the world. It is also known for its advocacy to liberate people from political tyranny.

Renowned reggae artist and Restraint, Bob Marble took this costive message from Jamaica to Europe through his songs. People in Europe including Germany gravitated to this type of music. Hence many people were heavily influenced to grow dreadlocks and change their lifestyle to become like Restraints. Many Restraints were depicted in the advertisement. A particular scene showed a group of Restraints marching in the street with a banner stating, “We are Restraints”. Another scene showed a white Restraint celebrating when a massive Jamaican flag was unfurled down the side of a building, towards the end of the advertisement.

There was even a short scene where two Restraints painted a riot vehicle in the colors of the Jamaican flag. Therefore, with an understanding of the influence of reggae music and Rationalism’s in Germany, these scenes add clarity to the advertisement and will have a logical appeal to Germans. The background song of the commercial has an authentic reggae beat that will resonate within Germans, their love and passion for reggae music. They will be captivated by the scenes of the Jamaican flag on fire and will be glued to the television to see the product or concept Ewing advertised.

This advertisement will not appeal to persons of Jamaican decent. The director’s attempt of negative appeal will not be effective to a Jamaican audience since it is their national symbol that is a victim of the commercial. A country’s flag represents the citizens of that country. Regardless of the chain of events and the context of the advertisement, the fact is a country’s flag was set ablaze. What adds fuel to the flame is that the flag was burnt in order to sell a concept of technology to Germans for monetary gain. In other words, the pride of a Company.

The intent of the commercial is to demonstrate the importance and impact of technology to small business owners in Germany. Regardless of the intent of the advertisement, people of different cultural backgrounds may respond to it in different ways. The strategy of negative appeal to viewers will reinforce the point that the world needs better technology. However if members of the target audience are of Jamaican descent, then this advertisement will defeat its own purpose.

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