The wild duck

The Wild Duck

The Wild Duckby Henrik Ibsen is a drama that employs the usage of many different subjects and symbols. One of the symbols that found throughout the drama is the usage of visible radiation and dark. Light is used to stand for the periods of Gregers ‘ enlightenment. Darkness is used to stand for the confusion and choler provided by Hialmar.

Gregers is person who believes that he “ sees his mission in life ” . He is hell-bent on acquiring Hialmar and Gina to see the jobs in their relationship, therefore conveying the visible radiation into the family. Gregers has a really Christ-like quality to him. The visible radiation that he thinks brings into the house is like a visible radiation of salvation. Alternatively of conveying in visible radiation, he really brings in darkness. The darkness comes from the fact that he is a rupturing a household apart and destroying peoples ‘ lives.

The dark room is a topographic point in the house that besides represents darkness. In the dark room, people in the house usage it to seek and get away from their current state of affairss. They can work on and repair their phantasies that they use to avoid the jobs in their life. For case, Hedvig is invariably in the dark room. In the dark room, she pretends in order to get away from her impending sightlessness. Gina besides spends rather a spot of her clip in at that place re-touching exposure.

Another topographic point in the family that is to a great extent involved in light and dark is the loft. The wild duck is kept in the loft. Not much is known about the loft until Act 3. There is a conversation between Gregers and Hedvig that gives the reader an penetration as to what the garret looks like. The loft is a really charming topographic point for Hedvig. This is a topographic point that is considered charming. It is filled with hoarded wealths from the Flying Dutchman, which is a lighter topographic point for Hedvig to travel. It is as if clip Michigans while she is in at that place, supplying a positive topographic point for her to be.

At the terminal of the drama, Hialmar wantonnesss Hedvig. He leaves her because he thinks that she is person elses kid, and that he is non her birth male parent. Gregers continues to seek and convey visible radiation into the house by converting Hedvig to kill the wild duck, despite the fact that it is her most valued ownership. He tells her to kill it because it will demo her male parent how much she loves him. Hedvig enters the loft, which normally is filled with visible radiation, merely to happen it be filled with darkness and unhappiness. Alternatively of killing the duck, she shoots herself and dies. This scene entirely is proof that Gregers fails to really convey light into the family.

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