The Way of Using Money

It is said that money is important to everyone. It’s not completely true in every situation. In my opinion, money is important. I can’t live happily if I don’t have money. I always think about how to spend money in a right way. Everybody has his own way of using money. I usually spend my money on necessary things such as: buying textbooks, bus ticket, food, drinks, paying for tuition and some other fees. Sometimes I spend money on clothes, shoes, girl’s accessories or something that is cute and cheap.

I always keep money in my purse and never put money in a piggy bank because I think it’s not very safe. When someone gave me a large sum of money, I told them to send money to my ATM account. I think it’s a good way to keep money safe. Otherwise, it’s very convenient for the people who have ATM account. They can use that account to buy things through internet, which is called “shopping online”. Many students want to have extra money to pay for their studying, so they try to find a part time job. I don’t have a motorbike or a bike so I can’t apply for any part time job.

Last month, I found out an interesting way to get some extra money. The interesting thing I mention here is that I don’t have to go any where. I just need a computer connected with internet and a little bit knowledge of computer. There are lots of works on the internet for me to do. I can get about 10 dollars per month or even much more. Selling some home-made things is also a way of getting extra money. There are a lot of ways to get money. Of course you must choose the way that is appropriate with you. I believe that all students know how to use money in a right way.