The Unfinished Fence as a Symbol of a Family Falling Apart Essay Essay

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August Wilson’s drama entitled Fences is a drama that chronicles the life of a poverty-driven black household of Troy Maxson in the South. It is emphasized that this household has battled with racism all their lives. For case. Troy. the male parent of the household. has fought for his life amidst force per unit areas and subjugation from the white constitution for about 53 old ages. At the same clip. he has besides fought to continue the lessons that he learned all for his household particularly his boy Cory who like himself is into athleticss.

He recalled that when he was immature. he was non given an chance to do a populating out of baseball because it was a white man’s universe. In the words of Troy: “I told that male child about that football material. The white adult male ain’t gon na allow him acquire nowhere with that football ( Wilson 1487 ) ” . His concern was legitimate and sincere because he knew and learned from experience that that’s the manner of all Earth. However. even with this. he still failed the same thing as he was unable to complete the fencing that his married woman has ever been forcing him to make.

Wilson does hold a intent in calling the drama Fences than merely stressing the edifice of the fencing in the backyard of the household as the chief action in the drama. It symbolizes Troy’s failure to protect his household from the ailments of a racialist community. As Bono comments in the wage. “Some people build fencings to maintain people out. others to maintain people in ( Wilson 182 ) ” . Troy’s character is interpreted as person who intended all the great things for his household. He wanted to queer his agony and desperate experiences against his boies.

Equally much as possible. he would desire that his experiences of subjugation by the White persons will non go on once more to his household. However. this does non work. because in world he is the antonym of what he thinks he is or what he represents to other people. His purpose of protecting his household from the white subjugation has proven to be disused because times have changed. This occurs in many cases with Cory and Lyons. his boies and Rose. his married woman. The fencing is a symbol for the household relationships they have in the house.

It is a device that is used either to maintain a individual in the household by maintaining them in the fringe of the house or to direct them off from the household. Hence. in the average clip. while Troy delays the edifice of the fencing and Cory was excessively preoccupied to complete it. there was no confidence whether Troy is maintaining the household or directing them off. As the drama unfolds. we discover that it is the former. Even when the purpose of Troy was to maintain the household in-tact as he is a responsible male parent. he unconsciously has done things to do the antonym. In an blink of an eye. he lost both his boy Cory and his married woman Rose.

Troy lost Cory when he caused the annulment of his scholarship and varsity offer as a football participant in a university. Since the beginning of the drama. we all know that Troy had a acrimonious experience as a immature jock because he was denied the opportunity to play for a university due to him being Black. Although. the times has already changed. he still thinks that Black people does non hold a topographic point in national athleticss. So when Cory announced that he is gong to discontinue his occupation in A & A ; P so that he could concentrate in his game. Troy was ferocious. He wants Cory to remain so that he could assist him complete the fencing.

Furthermore. he besides wanted Cory to remain because he felt that he does stand a opportunity in the football game. He thinks that he is simply protecting Cory from the desperate racism that he himself has experienced in his young person. When the recruiting agent from the university came over. Troy refused his consent which made Cory truly angry at him. Because of this. Cory left the house and rebelled against his male parent. As mentioned. the purpose of Troy was non to devoid Cory of his dreams. but to protect him from the effects of subjugation by the Whites. but this does work good.

In the procedure. he lost his boy and his dreams to go a professional jock. This is the first effect of the fencing non acquiring finished ; he was unable to maintain his boy in the household because of his actions that he thought were echt. It is noticed that for so long as the fencing was unfinished. Cory did non travel place to his household. He went place in the funeral of his male parent when the fencing was already finished. Another effect brought by the unfinished fencing would be the broken matrimony of Troy and Rose. Among the household members. it was extremely observed that it was Rose who persisted that her hubby and her boy complete the fencing.

It was her who thinks that the fencing is of import. This desire to hold the fencing finished suggests Rose’s committedness to keep the love and cooperation of the household. But this did non go on because both Troy and Cory did non hold involvement in completing the fencing. Equally much as possible. they avoided the undertaking. This turning away of Troy implies his turning away of his duty to his married woman. This impression is really consistent because as the drama unfolds we discover that Troy is keeping a courtesan. This was the concluding blow to the couple’s relationship.

When their matrimony fell apart. we all know that it was Troy’s mistake: him being irresponsible and unfaithful to Rose. So the fencing serves a intent in the drama. an ultimate symbol of the household. Because it was unfinished. it did non function its intent in maintaining the household together. It was unable to foster the love and attention of each household member to each other. However. when it was already finished. we all see the household reunite. the boies. the female parent. and the male parent in his deathbed. However. it was still a togetherness that was brought out by the fencing. complete and nurturing.

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