The Turkish Gambit by Boris Akunin Essay

The Turkish Gambitis the 3rd novel by Boris Akunin to be translated from Russian to English. It is besides the 2nd novel among the Erast Fandorin detective-fiction chef-d’oeuvres written by Akunin. This novel is set during 1877-1878 when the Russian-Ottoman war was taging its topographic point in World History. It revolves around the hunt of supporter Erast Petrovich Fandorin for a Turkish undercover agent among the ranks of Russian soldiers. In his predicament. he was accompanied by a female buddy named Varvara Andreevna “Varya” Suvorova who has gone in Bulgaria to happen her fiance .

The fresh involves the decease of Russian hussar officer Count Zurov and Officer Ivan Kazanzaki.

Apparently. these deceases are really much planned by the Turkish- secret agent Anwar Effendi disguised as the Gallic journalist Charles Paladin.

Paladin’s narrative that he was able to see that the Turks were smaller in figure may hold been his opportunity to speak to this ground forces and state them that he was approximately to convert the Russians to assail Plevna with smaller military personnels. Therefore. the Russian ground forces attacked Plevna with no exact cognition of the Turks’ strength.

The decease of Zurov occurred when he was ordered by Russian General Sobolev to bring supports from their central offices as they were being beaten by the Turks during their conflict at Plevna. This onslaught was lead by wrong information from Paladin who said that the Turks were already on the losing terminal when in fact. they were garnering more strength against the Russian ground forces. Zurov may hold been killed on his manner to their central offices by Paladin as he was still in Bucharest where he killed Colonel Lukan ( Lukan may hold besides been able to happen out that Paladin was the undercover agent ) so as non to be able to name the said support.

In Akunin’s novels that characteristic Fandorin. there is ever a homosexual character that is normally blamed of a offense but ends up guiltless. In The Turkish Gambit. this character is portrayed by a Russian Greek homosexual officer named Ivan Kazanzaki who was accused of lese majesty. He was sent to gaol and suffered because of this accusal.

But as Fandorin relayed what he found out about Paladin. Kazanzaki was proven guiltless. The investigator said that all along. it was Paladin who was doing so much problem on the Russian ground forces because of terrible perfidy. He revealed that no 1 from Paladin’s paper has of all time seen him and why Paladin’s narratives were filled with information at metropoliss where Anwar was said to be located. He was besides the 1 who changed Plevna to Nikopol on the wire by deflecting Peter Yablokov stating him that Varvara was at their topographic point. It was Paladin who was supposed to be accused of lese majesty and non Yablokov or Kazanzaki.

And as the novel ended. with the job on the espionage resolved. Akunin imparts another quandary to his readers as Fandorin was able to foretell that although Russia was able to win over Turkey. they are still up to a new set of jobs. And that is for certain is another installment of the Fandorin series that should be anticipated.


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