The Things They Carried-Analytical Essay

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When O’Brien, the mall character, Is on the rain river, he has mixed thoughts about his view on war. He never wanted to participate In the war, and even though he knew that he was eventually going to be drafted, he still dreaded to experience that day when It came. Also, there Is a passage explaining the viewpoints of war based on the perspective of a Vietnam soldier that was killed. The passage stated, “He was not a fighter. His health was poor, his body small and frail. He liked books. He wanted to someday be a teacher of mathematics. (119) This expresses not only the way the soldier thought about war, but that it also made the reader feel empathy for the young and weak soldier. In a sense, the reader may even sympathize for the soldier because he was helpless and had no choice, but to be in the war. War in the perspective of these characters reveals how it is unjust. But, to other people in the war, war was moral and their characterization mainly decided their view points. Curt Lemon happened to be one of the people who viewed war as a game and didn’t see it as being either moral or non-moral.

He had a childish behavior, whether it was acting like a fool at the campsite, or playing catch with a grenade. This childish characterization ultimately caused his downfall. However, the war even though it was demeaning, was also beautiful. The war being beautiful is not only an oxymoron, but it shows how the morality of war can be based on the characteristics of the setting and situation. War can be looked upon as beautiful because the way it is visually perceived. In the story, it is explained that war Is not only gore and sorrow, but is also visually appealing.

Imagery is presented In the story to give the reader a new perspective on war. “You can’t help but gape at the awful majesty of combat. You admire the fluid of symmetries of troops on the move, the harmonies of sound and shape… ” The setting of war was still perceived as grotesque and gruesome, even though there was still an optimistic view on the setting of war. The imagery vividly displayed the despair of war. “when he died It was almost beautiful, the way the sunlight came around him and lifted him up and sucked him high Into a tree of full of moss.

This was a quoted from Tim O’Brien explaining that despair from the situations he experienced. The setting of war, overall, can also be based on how the characters describe the situations that they are In. Overall, characterization Is the mall reason for the characters In the story to view a certain situation. War is viewed in different perspectives based on how the The characterization posed thoughts about how morality is something that only the individual can possess. Someone’s take on morality is based solely on their experiences and beliefs.

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